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I’m watching you all leave and all I can say is goodbye even though the word in my head is “stay”.

It’s always painful to watch people go away from your life no matter in what way, distances change people, you quite literally grow distant from their thoughts even after the promises that they won’t forget you. 308 more words


Spring Postponed

Spring has been postponed for some of us this week.  Yet another snowstorm challenged plans and inconvenienced life as we desire it.  Shovel, salt and sunshine my ultimate weapons. 299 more words


Goodbye Kiss

The party was over,
everyone stood up to leave.
They hugged her one after the other,
he stood up silently…
Neither waiting for his turn… 39 more words


Since I've been gone

Since I last wrote I’ve left Belize and moved back home. That’s because I was living in Belize. A foreign country. A developing country, at that. 1,077 more words

Part 2

Now You’re Gone......

Nearly 5 months have passed since you left and still my thoughts are haunted by you every day. Those final 9 weeks were the hardest I’ve ever had to go through and took me to the limits of my strength, both physically and emotionally. 240 more words

...eight days

In eight days these are the things I would have accomplished

21st March, 2018 – Work

22nd March, 2018 – Work

23rd March, 2018 – Work… 875 more words


Chapter 1. It Takes Courage to Leave

By the time he was two, Nyam was eating as much as a grown man.  And by the time he reached ten years of age, he ate in an entire sitting: 3,626 more words