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You Will Forever Be My Blessing In Disguise

You will forever be my blessing in disguise, my heartache turned to happiness. You were my chance to search for fulfillment, appreciation, and true joy. You were my bittersweet hopelessness, the sourly saccharine satisfaction of freedom after heartbreak. 518 more words

Collective World

Dealing With Goodbye

People get weird when it’s time to say goodbye.  Especially when it is a long-term goodbye.  Yes, even adults.

Maybe you can identify yourself in one of the following examples: 393 more words


wish I would have

The other day

At a barbecue
Near the street
Playing bags
Or cornhole

I saw Matt
Riding his bike.
I waved and
He came over. 86 more words


Goodbye 250

I get on the bus and swipe my Charlie Card, my ticket to discounted rides for the last ten and a half years. The bus driver nods as I say hello. 1,055 more words


To Be by Your Side

There are planes and trains,
cars and buses,
are they not enough
to keep our love alive?

You said that —
I was there
through the good and bad… 124 more words


Uncle Bruce: Three months on...

Hi, Uncle. It’s been three months since you’ve been gone. I was reminded of your passing this morning when I noted the date on my watch. 2,523 more words



I’m trying to figure out how to say goodbye to you. You haven’t left yet, not all of you. Though the world goes on and planes shoot across the midsummer’s sea and the millipedes scuttle across my kitchen tile, I know you’re going to wave goodbye one day. 331 more words