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Henry Hill Quotes For When You're Living The Good Life

For much of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) is a rising star in the underworld. A gangster since he was a child, Henry seems to have a natural proclivity for a life of crime, and while he makes sure he does the right thing by paying tribute to the higher ups, he genuinely seems to enjoy his life on the wrong side of the law. 1,082 more words


100 Greatest Scenes Number 32: "Funny Guy"

Views from the Sofa’s 100 Greatest Scenes is a list of the 100 greatest moments in the movies. This could be long introductions, moments of action or great dialogue between characters. 494 more words


Suicide: Dream Baby Dream, A New York Story, by Kris Needs

We’re delighted to announce a forthcoming Italian edition of Suicide: Dream Baby Dream, A New York Story to be published soon by our friends at Goodfellas.

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I have seen a lot of movie during this short lifetime of mine, but here is a list of the top five quotes I have heard. 253 more words


REVIEW: Goodfellas (1990)

1990, Warner Brothers

Martin Scorsese
Irwin Winkler
Nicholas Pileggi (original book “Wiseguy” and screenplay)
Martin Scorsese (screenplay)
Cinematography: 760 more words

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Another stylish Martin Scorsese classic about a bunch of horrible people you can’t help but be fascinated by. It’s based on a true story of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), an Irish-Sicilian born in Brooklyn who started working for the Mob as a kid in 1950s and stayed on until involvement in drug trade got him into trouble with his employers. 459 more words


Black Mass ...

I think i may be one of the very few people who just does not get, appreciate or rate Johnny Depp. I was never a fan of his Pirates of the Caribbean series and he has seemed to ride on that fame for a long time. 194 more words