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Cover: Family Ties: Goodfellas (1990) 25 Years Later

Before Goodfellas (1990), the portrayal of the mafia on screen was grandiose and operatic. The Corleone family in The Godfather (1972) had an almost mythological quality, one of ancient times past. 1,064 more words


Goodfellas: He's One of Us

Goodfellas is based on the novel ‘Wiseguy’,by Nicholas Pileggi who also co-wrote the screenplay to the movie. This film is about a young man, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) who grows up around and amidst the mob and works very hard to get to the top of the ladder and rise through the ranks. 815 more words


I'm still young right?: Movies That Turn 25 Years Old This Year

I remember a time when I thought “wow, I can’t believe that movie is 10 years old!”. As time has passed and we all have gotten older, it’s crazy but movies from our childhood are now turning 25 years old! 126 more words


My Cinema Landscape [August 25th, 2015]

Just can’t seem to stay consistent with these Cinema Landscapes, can I? That’s because I don’t watch enough movies! Oh well. I’ve got enough to talk about today! 933 more words


Podcast Ep 8 - Surefire Sleep, Fluffy Goodfellas and Statistical Ranting

Episode 8 of the Bewildered Dad Podcast is here a mere four weeks after the last episode. This bi-weekly thing is going as well as expected. 97 more words


Linux devs: Stop the whining

There’s nothing more wonderful than the release of a fresh new version of your favorite linux distribution. Every little app upgraded to it’s latest version, fresh new wallpapers in your favorite window manager, new hardware drivers, etc. 581 more words