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With funding from Obvious Ventures, startup Enervee goes after utilities

Ever wonder about how much energy one TV model consumes over another? What about an even bigger energy-hog in the consumer product category, like a washing machine or a refrigerator? 622 more words


Bunny Business: Changing Perspective with a Picture

Lets’s say you come across a couple protesters in the street. They yell in your face about the horrors scientists perform on animals everyday in order for people to get involved in their movement. 580 more words


Helpful Guide to Everyday Toxic Products

Denial Really Isn’t a River in Egypt

You know the saying “youth is wasted on the young?” I can attest to the truth in this statement. 1,072 more words


GoodGuide App

So maybe some of you know, probably don’t, but I am a vegetarian with the goal to become a vegan within the next year or so! 433 more words

Commercial Cleaning Products & GoodGuide

If making your own cleaning solutions does not appeal to you and you would rather buy off the shelf products, I encourage you to check out  215 more words

Healthy Living

Green Cleaning Products

One thing I’ve noticed about parenthood is babies are dirty. We are constantly scrubbing tables, floors, high chairs, doing dishes and washing bottles. But as a new parent, the last thing you want are surfaces covered in chemicals. 320 more words