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Brass Statue

Adding serenity to beauty,Brass statues of Hindu Gods are a perfect collectible item to decorate your home decor idea or workplace increasing the positive chi of your environment. 31 more words


believe it or not, change can be good

the other night i lay in my bed as tears came to my eyes. it feels, sometimes, that your brain isn’t quite big enough to comprehend the new changes constantly happening all around. 1,380 more words


I am the ugly one. [Prologue]


To some. It is a flaw- imperfections that makes one feels unsure and insecure. Annoy. Disturb. Displease. Irritate. All these negative feelings will surface just by looking at one. 217 more words


Eye institute

woke up at 5 am today, its a big day ! Boyfriend is getting his lasik done .. I’ve been waiting and waiting ! I’m not going to lie i am a litttttllleeeee scared, but i know he’s strong and i’m probably more… 30 more words


The Sea and I - three - Momentarily in Spanish

In your company I have learnt to arrest the capacities of time. I have learnt to curl one toe over another so that some extremity of mine is always crossed in the universal symbol of the hope that this – us – remains as it is. 265 more words