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Hello there strangers!

You may have noticed that I have been MIA for pretty much all of 2018 so far. That is because I went back to school to tackle some math and science courses… 139 more words


Có nên học nhảy ?

Nhiều người vẫn hay tự hỏi cũng như hỏi mình về việc tập nhảy

Nhiều người nói mình là họ thích nhảy nhưng lại ngại đi tập và họ sợ rằng không thể bắt kịp. 324 more words

Vài Lời Từ Mình..

Four-Leaf Clover Kind of Luck

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure what it is, but I have been pretty lucky lately. Maybe I have a clover stuck up my butt, who knows?! 501 more words


Goodluck! Lucky Charms & Talismans

Attract good luck, wealth, love & prosperity into your life wth our selection of classic lucky charms and good luck talismans!

We could all use a little… 208 more words

March birth flower

March brings spring and the birth flower aptly is the Daffodil. The meaning of this flower embodies all of what spring holds rebirth and rejuvenation. With chinese new year just passed the Daffodil is seen as a sign of good luck because they bloom around that time every year. 18 more words


To the Next One Who Loves Me

Loving me is not going to be easy.  I can tell you that straight up. There will be times where I am super clingy and want you next to me at all times. 614 more words

5 Yen "go-EN" good luck

What are key factors of Success?
Besides “Hard work” and “Preparation” to be ready in any situation,
a dose of luck, hope and optimism are also crucial. 63 more words