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Mugabe turns 91 with million dollar birthday bash

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Saturday will celebrate his 91st birthday will a million dollar bash attended by thousands of faithful party supporters.
As elephants are slaughtered for the feast at a luxury hotel in Zimbabwe’s famed Victoria Falls, critics are questioning the scale of the festivities, calling them “obscene” in a country where millions live in poverty. 66 more words


Africans are destroying their own cultural objects and other evidence of how their ancestors lived,


It’s other half, equally meriting psychoanalysis, is the fervour with which
Africans are destroying their own cultural objects and other evidence of how
their ancestors lived, perceived and celebrated their existence. 957 more words


Fashola is it your work to tell people what to do?or is it the peoples right to tell you what they want you to do for them,?

Jonathan’s visit to Lagos a waste – Fashola, Ambode:

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, and the All Progressives Congress governorship candidate in the state, Mr. 381 more words


Those things that is still making me crazy,Nwokedi,

In Nigeria when two people are talking to each other,they hardly look each other at face,but in europ that i know,they look and want you to look them also at face,that is a hard work,in nigeria they give ears,but in europ they give eyes,even in nigeria when i am growing up,many people haras me because i look them at face,they tag me that i have no respect,as i have been over powered by those people,it become part of me, adaption,but those who who concered me with intimidation do not take care of me even if i do all they want,now i am living here in europ,whenever i went to any office i hardly look the people there at face,because looking peoples face is not even in me again,i hardly control my self when ever i look people at face,because it is a new thing in my life,as a kid in nigeria not even my elders because in Nigeria where no one has any right,where any thing can happen,no one looks each other at face,even Goodluck Jonathan as you can see here,but what pains me a lot is that after interview in those offices that i went,they will say that i am a bad person,that i dont look any body at face,that i am thinking bad,or i look as suspect,,but no one will tell me the bad things that i do,only what  they think about me,but not with what i do,remember this ,when ever things stays long or longer in society of people or person,or comunity,it will become part of them,you learn how to look people at face when they are talking to you,in africa you will be tagd that you have no respect,in europ you will be tag that you a bad person,yes it hurts ,it drives crazy,people just taking powers authority over other peoples,a lot of people around the world is going through the same trauma and depression about this ,they will even thinking that it is devil doing it,but people are controling it,but we must help our self,


Lupita Nyong'o $150,000 Oscar dress stolen

The dress is studded with 6,000 natural white pearls

A $150,000 custom-made Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa dress, worn by actress Lupita Nyong’o at the Oscars, has been stolen in Hollywood. 132 more words