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Writing Excuses

Growing up, I used to write a lot. Throughout my day I would imagine scenes and dialogue, some of it laughable but some of it serious. 597 more words


Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey

Year of the Fire Monkey

By Brenda Renee

“Gong Xi Fa Cai”! Year of the Fire Monkey

On February 8th, colorful paper lanterns, music, and long, dancing parades will decorate the streets of Asian-based communities, as red, red, and more red will explosively and passionately ring in the Chinese New Year of the Monkey! 1,244 more words


The Revenant

It’s hard to know where to start. This film is startlingly beautiful and hard to watch. It made me want to hike out into the Montana wilderness and, simultaneously, made me never want to leave the city limits of my home. 302 more words


Ring, Ring Goes the Phone

Isn’t it the worst when during a test the sound of a buzz,ding, or ring from a phone interrupts. In high school, one of the observations seen is people constantly on their phones even when walking to class. 152 more words

Good Morning

This morning is a little more crazy than usual. So i got a job offer yesterday and it sounds great but then i realized have become so accustomed to my job at the dental office. 87 more words


Out of Luck

Luck (n): success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

I’m not a very lucky person, and I say that in the best kind of way.

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