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Day 9—Graduation! Juice Overview

Slept like a grizzly bear.

So remember how I went to bed early last night because I was listening to my body? Good thing I did, because it was obviously… 882 more words


Day 8—The Great Grape Escape

The sun is out. The weather is nice. The husman is off of work. I talked to some of my most cherished friends. I’m feeling good. 755 more words


Food Freedom—Frig Magnets

Food Rules sounds too restricting and the name has already been used by Michael Pollan. Here are some quotes I found online over a year ago. 73 more words


Label Secrets

Read the regulated food labels, not the unregulated marketing splashes on the package. Remember to look on the shelves above and below eye level. The foods with the best marketing and the worse for you are located at eye level. 321 more words


Hunting Fish

Even people who are strong believers in animal rights forget about the fish (or maybe it is just me—I have never been a fish eater, I would catch and release the yucky, poor things). 450 more words


Based around animal products.

My first blog under the topic of random rants.

We are in month three of eating a near vegan diet.

Month one. Challenge month. The author of China Study gave his readers a challenge: Eat a vegan diet for 30 days. 322 more words