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Friday let's respect the silence.

Παρασκευή η Μεγάλη, κατά την χριστιανική παράδοση. Ας σεβαστούμε την ησυχία.

Αναδρομή from the closet of thoughts. 6 more words


Sense of humor in a serous world

Everyday I spend an hour of my morning driving to school. I must say that the best part of my day was witnessing an older, grumpy gentleman driving on the freeway with a very fluffy, excited miniature poodle in his lap. 21 more words


Notes from the past

Yoga as the movement from one point to another; higher one

Yoga as the bringing together, the unifying of two things

Yoga as action with undivided, uninterrupted attention… 31 more words


Morning Inspirational Message

Good morning everyone. Be to everyone just how God is to you. People may not appreciate you or support you but it’s not about them. It’s about God. 56 more words

Thursday is here... to silence our thoughts.

Πέμπτη, η Μεγάλη κατά την χριστιανική παράδοση. Κατάνυξη και ησυχία. Ευκαιρία για σκέψη. Ευκαιρία για αναζήτηση.
Αναδρομή from the closet of thoughts. 16 more words


G O O D M O R N I N G !

Hello sweetness!! Are you ready to start this new day? A healthy and abundant breakfast is all we need to recharge our energy. 💪🏻😋😎

All the love.

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