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Shake/Sorry for The World: Shake 070 Quakes the Earth by her own Accord

Undoubtedly, the hardships of life’s struggle and the adversity we face can harden and fortify our mentalities. By means of rebellious reflection and vulnerability, Shake 070 incorporates a myriad of emotions into her musical catalogue. 850 more words

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Avengers: Infinity War (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

I saw Infinity War earlier this week and it was so awesome (for now all we have is a non-spoiler review). Part of what made it so aside from the synergetic ensemble cast acting, incredible directing, witty writing, beautiful cinematography and special effects were the music courtesy of Alan Silvestri . 394 more words


The King Who Danced Across the Street

I saw him myself. with my own two eyes. He was a King. and in his royalty he danced across the street.

His attire was simple to the blinded or simply closed eyes. 570 more words


Dime corazón cover Amauri Gutiérrez - SoundCloud

Escucha Dime corazón cover Amauri Gutiérrez de Noche de Alegría #np en #SoundCloud