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Ebola Facts

Take Our PollBy Jim/GoodOleBoy

Ebola can be spread by blood, sweat, and saliva. I would believe mucous also. A sneeze can propel saliva and mucus over 20 feet. 139 more words


Sitting at the Comcast store. Yes that is a Coors in his hand. #banquetbeer #goodoleboy #sb47 32 more words

The REAL Reason for the Second Amendment

Jim/Good Ole Boy

Many people and most all of Democrats are ignorant of the most important reason for the Second Amendment by the Founding Fathers. 506 more words


The Dam Government

By Good Ole Boy

The Dam

The following is true.

This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries regarding a pond on his property. 1,023 more words


China Missile Attack

By Good Ole Boy/ Jim

January 9th 20010 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a classified cable to U.S. embassies in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to notify those countries of an upcoming launch of a Chinese missile interceptor two days later. 323 more words


Stalin and Obama - Bosom Buddies

by Good Ole Boy/Jim

If Obama were able to get some of his Kenyan kin get a witch doctor to bring back Joseph and have him hit the campaign trail for Obama and the Democrats. 11 more words


VHS to DVD to Bluray, a Scam

By Good Ole Boy/JimĀ  Not my regular political blog

If you have noted that DVD’s don’t look as well as you remember, it’s not a memory problem. 245 more words