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Goods For The Home | How African Masks Were Used in Ancient Times

African Masks – Masks are one of the elements of African art that have most evidently influenced European and Western art in general; in the 20th century, artistic movements

The Cheese

No good deed goes unpunished sayeth the cynical.
Except this time it went rewarded.

A simple electrical job for another i.e. disconnecting a fridge from the storage batteries on their boat was achieved with a little bit of scrabbling round and the removal of a fuse they didn’t even know they had! 117 more words


Goods For The Home | How Lamps Can Transform The Look Of Your Home

There are plenty of places to buy affordable lamps and this helps to add to the variety of designs which are available. Regardless of what sort of look you are

Goods For The Home | Helpful Hints to Attractive African Decor

African Decor – African style is distinguished by impressive elements that suggest the richness of colours of this continent. It is a very attractive and increasingly popular

GuraP & Rodeo goods at Animate

From June 2nd – 8th, Animate will be offering the following goods for sale, plus the Karma to Labyrinth goods set, a rubber strap and can badge (1000 yen plus tax). 28 more words


What is merchandising?

Basically, merchandising is an activity whereby an individual and or company promotes the sale of goods, with the main focus being on visual presentation (normally in retail outlets…). 153 more words