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[GOODS] Erina's 18th Birthday Event Goods Revealed !

  • 2L Sized Photos Set A (4 in a Set)  (¥1,000)
  • 2L Sized Photos Set B (4 in a Set)  (¥1,000)
Morning Musume


Sell: v. to take money for giving possession of one or more subsets which may be ingus and/or behaviors

Selling ingus or information and/or goods and/or services is what most humans understand but it is also possible to sell behaviors. 192 more words

Common Sense


Shoplift: v. to willfully and forcibly steal goods from a retail business


Shoplifting is basically stealing goods from a shop or retail business. Most shoplifting is done by individuals for relatively small value items but there are also professional gangs which boost merchandise in the thousands of dollars with special bags, clothing, and lookouts or cohorts who make sure that the clerks are occupied during the shoplifting procedure. 144 more words

Common Sense

Camp Wallflower!

July’s store displays have Wallflower feeling super nostalgic for those good ole summer camp days and, most importantly, those delicious roasted marshmallows. Here’s how we created a camping, or as we like to call it glamping, environment that you can totes steal for a sleepover, birthday party, house party, or any excuse to use glitter, glue, and marshmallows. 505 more words


Hiding the truth

Hiding the truth is like having a house filled with stolen goods. And not even the very owner wants to go in for it seems to be the house of another.


Here are the FREEBIES that are available so far:

Title: A Writer’s This-Will-Come-in-Handy List

About: Need some help with how to start your book? Or perhaps you’ve already completed it and now need to edit it? 40 more words