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The Sewing Weekender Goodie Bags

The Sewing Weekender takes place this weekend! Kate, Rachel & I, thought it would be fun to do a little reveal of the goodie bags that will be waiting for attendees on Saturday morning. 407 more words


Science Party Goody Bags

We had a science themed birthday party for my two girls whose birthdays are a week apart. For the goody bags, I included Dum Dum lollipops (since we weren’t Dum Dums), a solar system pencil, syringe pens, safety goggles, nose pencil sharpener,  brain splat ball, brain eraser, magnifying glass, Bath and Bodyworks antibacterial hand sanitizer, and some eye ball candies. 26 more words

NYT Critique: Flying with Shrieking Infants; or THE PARENT GOODY-BAG

We all saw it a year or two ago: the viral picture of the sweet family of twins who made everyone on their flight a goody bag complete with drink ticket and precious note. 4,769 more words

Deliveries 28th July 2016

I won this fabulous ‘Now You See Me 2’ goody bag from PrizesEveryDay and it really made my day when they emailed me to tell me I had won it! 143 more words


No답 (No DAP)

Hello bappeusin netijeunnim bun ssi
Pal apeujido anhna
Bamsae jiphaphae Internet
Jom meokneun sseuregireul gilleossne
Hyeonsireseodo dwisdamman
Meongmeong jijeodaeneun kkori
Imi insaeng mangchin nori
Ni miteuron Nothing… 88 more words


수필 (Essay)

Eodukhan saebyeok iseul maejhin ipeul baraboneun punggyeong
Keoteun sairo jogeumui bichi seoseohi bichwojil ttae

Aju jageun misoro gijigaereul
Aju jageun ipsullo mul han mogeum
Aju jageun saesori oneul harureul kkaeujyo… 108 more words


바나나쉐이크 (Banana Shake)

Dambaeyeongi jaughan i gongganeseo neoege kkothyeobeorin naui hwasal
Saiki jomyeong arae chumchugo issneun ne soneul jabgo Barlo neol deryeoga

Fall in love oneul cheoeum bwassjiman saranghanda… 126 more words