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Weekend Trip to St. Louis - Part II - Full-Time RV Life

A person simply cannot go to St. Louis without seeing the arch on the skyline (The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial).  It’s a visual work of art and looks different from every angle depending on the sunlight, cloud coverage, location, and time of day.   496 more words

Gooey Butter Cake

Apparently people think Paula Deen invented this? No. Just like she did with racism, she stole the idea from the past and just acted like she invented it. 57 more words


Three Words: Gooey. Butter. Cake.

My husband is from St. Louis and before I met him I didn’t even know this stuff existed.

For almost 30 years I was truly missing something amazing! 334 more words


Rounding up my favourite recipes!

I’ve never been much of a cook, really. Up until college, I probably only ever fried eggs, helped my mom stir whatever was cooking in a pot, and take the chicken out of the freezer. 2,441 more words

Weekly Blogs

Confined Confection

For the past few weeks, it feels as if I’ve been camping out in my own kitchen. To acclimate a four-legged family member to our home, we gated off and puppy-proofed that room. 550 more words


Biscoff Gooey Butter Cake

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: gooey butter cake is one of America’s most underrated desserts. Its name actually makes total sense: the bottom layer is cakey, and the top layer is gooey. 459 more words


Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake

I’m not someone that thinks pumpkin desserts are only for the fall. I love pumpkin pie and get out of my way if there is a moist pumpkin bread in the building! 334 more words