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The words flow
from soul to page
while waiting backstage
beaming all aglow.

Time at last
to let others see
what is inside me
my creativity unsurpassed. 86 more words


it's. SOGGY.

you will not fool us, stranger; we know exactly what you are up to

you will be an excellent match for our processes;

come along

☢⌈¥ •á☩¾

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

Hello lovelies, recently I went on a little shopping trip and popped into Debenhams. I purchased the Goof Proof Brow Pencil and wanted write a review about what I thought of it. 550 more words

As Long As It Works

That’s not the way I would have fixed the problem, but I guess it works.

Goof-Off Day

March 22nd: National Goof-Off Day

Monica Dufour was the founder of National Goof-Off Day. Records show that this holiday started in Davidson, MI in 1976. Dufour started this holiday to remind people to take breaks from work and to find something fun to do. 129 more words

Why “Goofing Off” Is Sometimes the Best You Can Do

“What you create after allowing yourself the time to ‘goof off for breakthrough ideas’ is usually your best work.” Let’s set the stage a little. As Practice Building Consultant here at the Academy, I serve as coach to one third of the Members of the Academy. 35 more words

Back to College!!!

Thursday, 18th January 2018

How’s it shaken, bacon?

This is my first week of college of the semester and I goofed. So, I had a lecture at 12 yesterday and, which I went to. 162 more words