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Movie Titles With Bad English Translations

Chances are, you have already encountered movie lists with a similar catchy, clickbaity title. Buzzfeed particularly comes to mind. It does not stop here though: a quick Google search for bad movie translations gives plenty of results ranging from ‘the hilariously bad’ to ‘the wackiest’, ‘the craziest’ or ‘the sexiest’. 1,592 more words

Food Photodump 10

Since I have this habit of procrastinating during critical moments (i.e. finals week aka now), let me make myself feel a little better by posting another food photodump to make it seem like I did something worthwhile today. 1,975 more words


In The Office

Joey always lived by the maxim that actions speak louder than words.

So when Joey stood up, raised his right leg, and started hopping around the office, he knew everyone would watch. 97 more words

Short Story

Get Goofy!

It might be in your best interest not to celebrate today’s holiday at work unless your workplace is AMAZING!  In which case, I’m looking.

It’s… 247 more words


OOPS ...

but why ‘Oops’?


and be delighted. Or not … First up: your snippet (below, down there, the piccie)(which is also your link …) 145 more words


Dwayne Johnson Explains His Angry Face During The Big Oscars' Goof Up

Dwayne Johnson Explains His Angry Face During The Big Oscars’ Goof Up http://blog.konkanitube.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/1488492921_dwayne-johnson-explains-his-angry-face-during-the-big-oscars-goof-up.jpg

(Photo: Reuters)



Trust Dwayne Johnson to express is bafflement in the most interesting way possible. 551 more words

a Nutty experience

I was a cashew rolled up in the carpet
I knew I was a nut but I couldn’t explain it
just that my left shoe was falling off… 91 more words