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What to Write When Your Head is Empty

Sometimes when my health is poor and too many things are already on my mind, it is hard to think of a subject for the daily essay.  149 more words


Mickey is 561 & 1/2 Years Old

I was born in November of 1456.  That year Vlad the Impaler (yes, the guy who inspired Dracula) killed the Prince of Wallachia  and took over his throne, ruling the part of Eastern Europe that includes Transylvania. 449 more words


My Secret D&D Identity

An author can’t resist portraying himself somewhere in his fiction. Even though the entire work of fiction is actually a map of the inside of the author’s self, there will be a character who is the self-portrait of the author buried somewhere within.  321 more words


Ireland Shenanigans

Today was full of practical jokes and shenanigans which made me laugh harder than I have since I left home 6 weeks ago. It really was a nice day and I am honestly in an amazing mood from it. 440 more words


Dingle Bezookles Dumm

Pay tentershawn to Dingle when he schtumms,  koz when he schtumms he schtumms from eggzspearie antz.

For inzst antz, take the Kayse of the Bay the Diddler Bezookled. 229 more words


The Secret Meaning of "Donuts"

I am diabetic. I am not supposed to have donuts for breakfast any more.  Hence the obsession with donuts.  I am only guessing here, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that the very name of donuts tells you what to do. 358 more words


Supreme/Brooklyn Machine Works collab

Brace yourself for some sticker shock….

Supreme and Brooklyn Machine Works teamed up to create a collab cruiser…with a $47,000* price tag! Yowza!

I’m not sure who this was created for specifically…but you can probably build quite a quiver of bikes ( 15 more words

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