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Winning Easy

Now that Captain Action finally liberated my X-Box from the evil Dr. Evil who was holding it for ransom and not letting me play EA Sports Baseball ’04, I have been able to play Baseball ’04 again.   553 more words


Goofball Conspiracy and Nuthouse Nonsense

If you read my blog more than just taking the passing flyby notice of the odd Paffooney picture, you may have noticed the fact that I have many unfortunate mental quirks basted in a flavorful sauce of vivid imagination and fatally high intelligence.   810 more words


Dr. Evil's Removable Brain

Last time, after months of me waiting to play with my X-Box Baseball ’04, Captain Carl Action and the Action Super-hero-guy Team had actually found where in the Library Dr. 240 more words


Writing in My Head

Okay, I am justifying and vilifying today because yesterday I didn’t write 500 words… the first time in 2015… not in my blog, not in my novels, not even counting text messages.   485 more words


Another Dadgum Post About Pirates

This one isn’t about Bank of America or Aetna… specifically.  It is just me adding to my cartoon vault and the story of the pirates in Fantastica. 50 more words


Googling for Paffoonies

Now that I have alienated so many of my conservative friends by doing the horrible political act of posting a post yesterday in which I took the terrifyingly earth-shaking step of coming out against racism, I must take it back down a notch and just be silly again.   518 more words


G is for Giggles and Goofiness

Here is this week’s installment for my A to Z Challenge. If you are interested in participating – the “rules” are simple (it’s really just about getting motivated to blog so just do that!) check out my original post… 591 more words

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