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Grandpa Futty Drives Again

In Fontaine Fox’s Toonerville Trolley comics there is one old flivver-driving fool named Grandpa Futty.  He is the slowest driver on the road.  Rarely does he go over the breakneck speed of two miles per hour.   436 more words


The Stetson

  You know how you have those days. . . not really a bad day, just a monotonous one.
I was having one of those days, and a Stetson changed it. 342 more words


A Year Full of Sick Days

A year ago, I had to make the tough decision to end my teaching career of thirty-one years.  I had a run of about three months where the sick days were costing me $330 apiece and my monthly paycheck kept sinking lower and lower.   480 more words


How To Avoid Dropping Dead Like a Dunderhead

If it is inevitable that I will surely drop dead some day, and if it is likely that it will come sooner rather than later, then I hope to go out with a bit of style and leave something behind that speaks not only to my own children, but to anybody searching for truth and beauty, people of the future that I will never know who are living beyond the confines of my little life.   584 more words


Cartoonist Super Powers

I call myself a cartoonist because I draw stuff and use it for crap that makes a point about stuff or makes people laugh at other stuff… and maybe qualifies as a super power. 504 more words



Okay, now I have gone and done it… 500 times I have written something and posted it on WordPress.  I have officially crossed into that territory known as obsessive-compulsive writing.   423 more words


The Second Life of Dr. Chin

Dad seems to be a tough nut to crack, but every now and then it’s possible to get him swept up in silliness.

For example, one boring day, Eric and I decided to make a video including our friend, Diana. 90 more words