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I am trying to hold everything together.  I have made my plans, including plans for dealing with irrational things that some people might do.  And so, it is time to go visit the rabbit people. 131 more words


Rabbit People

On days when I am still recovering from life-altering blows, I often try to find new realms, alternate realities to live in.  (Retreating into a fantasy world is one of the reasons she gave for leaving.)  And since, as a youth in Iowa, I raised rabbits for a 4-H project, I know rabbits better than I do human people.   423 more words


"Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune"

 When I was a teenager and suffering from a terrible secret, I first began to see and hear invisible people.  I know this is not normal.   457 more words


Michael Strahan was a BMXer

File this under “Stars–They’re just like us!

Michael Strahan, in an ESPN program called “A Football life” (which aired a year or so ago) devoted part of an interview to talk about his BMX roots. 136 more words

Old School

Architecture for Clowns

Try not to be upset with me for drawing a naked lady. You see, she is not really a lady, she is a caryatid, a stone pillar for holding up a building.   511 more words


Goofy Days

I struggled to get started today… weird clouds covered the pinks and purples of a Dallas dawn as I stumbled through walking the dog.  I think I mentioned before, I believe, that our goofy dog (who fortunately does not wear a hat and drive a car, so she is not a Goofy dog) has become a record-setting poop factory, pooping out five times a day and producing what I suspect is actually five times her own weight in doggy poo in a single day.   301 more words


Banned Breakfast-Table Talking

At Mother’s breakfast table we were always encouraged to talk about stuff.  That was a given.  It was how families operated in the 60’s and 70’s.   740 more words