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Becoming a Nudist

I have been to a nudist park and taken all my clothes off one time and one time only so far.  Yesterday was supposed to be visit number two.   486 more words


The Naked Truth About That Idiot Mickey

Well, I still can’t believe it, but I went ahead and did it.  Did what you ask?  Especially did what that makes me put the word idiot in the title… 644 more words


Hello Giggles

Isa is a goofy child and likes to mess with her sister and her parents. Her latest thing is coming up really close like she’s going to be affectionate but then when I (mom) try to hug or kiss her she runs away. 24 more words


Ready for a 29" GT Pro Performer?

Well, what is this now?

Looks like GT wasn’t satisfied with upsizing the old school Performer to a 26er.

New for 2018, GT has gone and supersized the Pro Performer! 114 more words



When you play Dungeons and Dragons the way we constantly do, it helps to have an over-all campaign, a world created by gifted imaginers to play in and use as the setting for all our adventures. 431 more words


What the Klunk?

In another one of those “is it a MTB or BMX?” moments, Volume Bikes has introduced a new bike reminiscent of 70s-era klunker mountain bikes, albeit with some updated, modern touches ( 90 more words

New Products

Classroom Clownery (Not to be confused with Sean Clownery... He's James Blond)

See Dick?

See Jane?

See Sally?

See Dick run?

See Jane run?

See Sally…?   Wait a minute!  Why don’t I remember Sally?

Did Dick forget to feed Spot and Spot was forced to kill and eat Sally? 468 more words