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Scientifical Dog-Poop Theories

I have been taking note of the Republican approach to science as displayed repeatedly in Congress.  I decided that this is the kind of science that can best explain the dog-poop phenomena, since it is, ultimately, about how the data feels more than measuring and quantifying and dealing with, you know, those fact thingies. 619 more words


The Interstellar Bad Poetry Challenge

The Ixcanixian Cultural Ambassador from the Squeelix Sector of the Planet Ixcanix sent me an e-mail about his planet’s newest idea for a cultural exchange.  He calls it the “Ixcanixian Spleegle Gorn Vorpaloop” which translates to the “Ixcanixian Interstellar Bad Poetry Challenge”.   523 more words


Crazy Head-Bashing List-Making

Sometimes I have to stop and think where ideas for posts come from.  Yes, and that is usually the point at which my head is empty and I am out of ideas.   460 more words


The Use of Magic Words

Okay, Mickey, you have said you have confidence in science to the point of not believing in God… at least not the Christian imaginary sky-friend with the white beard and bad temper.   510 more words


Lizard Politicians

This scary-faced man is the nutball known as David Icke.  My essay today is not about him, but about his amazing conspiracy theory that puts to rest once and for all the notion that intelligent life exists on the planet Earth.   491 more words


What's my story?

With time, a lot of time, I have come to realize that life can be really odd.  I marvel at the irony of it all and the way things go just the contrary of all reasonable expectations, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. 595 more words

Art Projects That Mickey Doo

Mickey is suffering from too much politixity and angriefied argumentery to sleep well and eat well .   He has been eating , sleeping , and breathing polytix to the point that he can’t even spell properly any more .   102 more words