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Cameras in Contact Lenses: Google's new Patent

Cameras in contact lenses. Now that  sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Google has a new patent application with USPTO who have decided to take the concept of Google Glass one step ahead, even when Glass has still not been widely released. 352 more words


Google Shows Off New Designs for Modular Smartphones

Google revealed new details about its plans for Project Ara, the company’s highly anticipated Android-powered modular smartphone at its Project Ara developers conference Tuesday.


eprints statistics

eprints statistics – On Wednesday April 9th 2014, the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) deployed an eprints statistics dashboard in their eprints research repository.

Launched in 2005, the research repository (which now holds over 11, 000 items) remains the cornerstone of public facing research output at USQ. 368 more words


Google Bots Open Your Mail To Understand You Better

New Google Terms Allow Gmail To Scan Emails

You knew it. Your Gmail letters are read through by automated software. Google has made the announcement that they will share this fact in their newly revised terms of service. 704 more words


Microsoft Office Online Tersedia Di Chrome App Store

Microsoft meluncurkan aplikasi Office berbasis web pada Chrome Web Strore dari Google. Untuk sementara yang tersedia hanyalah Word Online, untuk Excel Online, Microsoft akan merilisnya dalam beberapa hari kedepan. 58 more words


Cyberattack Protection

Project Shield


When you think of freedom of speech you perceive the right to communicate your ideas to anyone who’s willing to listen. in the Media world that would translate the ability to express your company”s philosophy and the service and goals of your team. 106 more words


Are you online?

Believe it or not, a number of statistical information is still showing that more than 50% of small businesses do not have web presence.  This means that they do not have a website, a social media page, or anything related to the internet.  385 more words

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