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Building your PLN

In the last few postings, I’ve highlighted quite a few people from Dave Burgess to Tony Vincent to my history of teachers who made an impact on how I teach. 2,056 more words

Ryan Read

How to connect GNS3 to a Real Network

GNS3 provides a way to connect the simulated network to the real network through its cloud interface. A cloud represents a generic network interface the details of which are abstracted from the network simulated inside the GNS3. 371 more words


pre-publication promotion

Now I have a question for all budding writers. If I refuse to use facebook how can I find all the old contacts from fifty years ago who might be interested in the new romance? 96 more words


Google Search/SEO Baron Amit Singhal to Retire

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

According to reports, Amit Singhal – Google’s Search SVP, also known as the Search Baron – is scheduled to retire at the end of February. 291 more words


Cool Things I've Seen This Week

The world renowned Pew Research Centre has published their latest look at social media usage, tracking it over the last decade. SPOLIER ALERT: It has increased. 557 more words


Google boosts app store success by installing apps without the store

Bango is obsessed with app store billing optimization – leveraging mobile innovations to simplify the payment experience, boost spend and increase customer engagement. We are therefore delighted to learn that Google is streamlining their Android app discovery and installation process. 217 more words

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