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Google May Be Releasing the 'GG1', A New Version of Glass

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

According to an article released by Droid Lifea new Google product may be in the works that very possibly could be the newest version of Google Glass. 155 more words

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Is your Business / Brand ignoring Google +?

Why should your Brand/Business be Using #Google +

Many businesses are still sceptical about Google+. They don’t know if having a Google+ business page will actually add any value. 275 more words

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35 Genius Google Tips And Tricks That Most People Don't Know About

Everyone uses Google for random queries, but it’s way more powerful than a traditional search engine. Check out these Google tips and tricks that’ll change the way you look for stuff online for good. 556 more words


13 Google tricks that will change how you search

13 Google tricks that will change how you search

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“Google it” is a phrase now ingrained into our daily lives. With over 900 million people using Gmail and 11.9 billion monthly searches, 706 more words


Google My Business - Part 1

Making Google Plus work for you starts with claiming your Google Plus page HERE. Unless your business is brand new or you have done nothing (and I mean zero effort) to have an internet presence, Google has probably already created a basic Google listing for you. 110 more words


"GOOGLE Project SOLI", Replacing Physical Controls on Smart devices!!!

Google, a giant company, involved in various fields, . This company is pushing the boundaries of innovation. One of such greatest innovations in recent times is “The Project SOLI” which deals with the RADAR finger gestures to interact with our smart devices. 33 more words


CISOs say it’s all about KNOW NOT NO!

It’s a funny one this subject about IT security – it always comes back to the users – without us there wouldn’t be any security issues! 900 more words