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Aussie language under threat from Google?

In New Zealand, they are called jandals; in Latin America, it’s sandal; and in the United States, flip flops. But it is the Australian name, thongs, that has sent… 469 more words

Archaeology Ruins

How to Check if a Website is Banned from Using AdSense

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Banned by AdSense?
Check to see if you have been Banned from Google!

AdSense Banned Check is a powerful set of tools that verifies if your website and/or domain has been banned by either the Google Search Engine or Google AdSense.  265 more words


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My Projects

Web Services

Medical billing work ,Kareo Software Training, Domain Name
Registration, web hosting ,Personal Blog Creation, SEO, Logo
Designing, Social Page Management etc.
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WeAreChange | Censored by Google, operation in danger

SOURCE: We Are Change | Luke Rudkowski 

In the last few days we noticed our YouTube numbers take a massive down turn while the majority of our new videos and top videos have been demonetized with no explanation at all. 384 more words

The Rundown

Importation  from  china  is fun, simple and profitable, it can  change  your  life  for  good , it will  make you famous in  your  area  and, it’s   not  just  talk  but reality  if  you  put  it  to  practice and be  smart  when  going  about  it but  also  doing  it  legitimately and applying  the  right  rules from  whoever  taught  you  then from  there  you  can  learn  more as  it  is  said  experience  is  the  best  teacher. 90 more words

Blogger Tips

Starting a blog (COM0011 – Blog Post #2)

As one of our Assignments for this course is to post on this blog, I thought I would look at how to start your own blog. 260 more words

Earn $10 for every publisher you refer

Have you ever heard of Google adsense alternatives? there are many platforms that helps you monetize your website without using Google Adsense. Check out this post on… 102 more words

Making Money Online