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10 things you need to know about GPS 2016

Since 2 days Google announced they will change Google Adwords system they added amazing Features.

They made these amazing changing because of mobile became the king , according to GPS more of half search in mobile & tablet which push them to make huge change in the system. 181 more words

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Strategies for Writing Strong Text Ads

What is your method to writing a text ad for your search campaigns? I have probably been asked that question more times than I care to answer. 664 more words

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7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for 2016

It has never been easy to predict the future in the world of marketing, but based on what we have seen thus far in the year 2015, we present you some of the trends that are expected to dominate the world of digital marketing over the next year. 711 more words

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SEM ﹣ Key Metrics to Measure the Performance

Digital的魅力在於一切的廣告投入都有跡可查(如果正確裝入tracking tags),同時提供分析平台及指標(Metrics)供廣告主考核投放效果。但有時面對眾多的performance metrics也難免亂眼撓頭。而無論是SEM 的目的是增加網站訪問量,亦或是希望用戶在網站上完成某個指定的動作(如註冊、訂閱或購買),以下 的幾個主要metrics,都應當首要關注。

1.Quality Score品質分數

Quality Score是Google對於你所競價的關鍵詞及廣告的質量與關聯度的評分,分數的高低直接影響廣告是否顯示在搜索結果頁面。廣告上線的初始分數為6,最高分數為10。Google會綜合考量以下因素,對關鍵詞與廣告進行評分:

  • 關鍵詞及其廣告的點擊率(Click Through Rate)
  • 關鍵詞在搜索結果的相關性
  • 所顯示的URL 的點擊率(Click Through Rate)
  • 廣告所指往網頁(landing page)的相關性

爭取及確保Quality Score達到10分,對SEM來說非常重要但也常常容易忽視。更高的Quality Score,意味著:

  • 更高的廣告展示排位
  • 更低的廣告花費

若Quality Score一直不合格,則須思考及修改關鍵詞。 32 more words

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Strategic Use of Broad Match Modified Keywords

As experienced search engine marketers we believe we know every high-quality keyword that should be included in our campaigns. We use campaign history, Webmaster tools, and a number of third-party keyword research websites to find every keyword that could and would ever be used in a search. 647 more words

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Put your branding in the back seat

When it comes to digital, branding can get in the way. The reason I say this is because I’ve seen it happen on multiple occasions. 273 more words

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Tips in writing a Pay Per Click Ad

What is a websites goal? to get traffic flowing! I mentioned this in most of my past blogs post in the last few days. We work hard on SEO, we do our best to provide quality content, what else could we need? 330 more words

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