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UpWell Campaign Model & Social Media Tracking Tools

The Upwell campaign model centres on something called ‘Big Listening’. I learned about this campaign model when I was considering applying to a job at a non-profit where knowledge of this campaign model was considered a good asset. 688 more words

Public Relations And Marketing

Understanding the basics of ‘Social Media Measurement’

The continuous evolution of Social Media has given an autonomous power to the companies to track what their consumers are saying about their brands and actions (posts, campaigns, blogs, videos/ photos sharing etc.) on various social media platforms.   387 more words

Stay Current With Subjects Of Interest To You

Use Google Alerts to keep up to date

Google Alerts monitors the web and sends you an email notification when Google finds new results on a topic that interests you. 99 more words

The Daily News

Using Google Alerts

Every morning, the president’s advisers assemble a summary of key news and security topics for him to digest over breakfast. Here’s a handy Google feature which will do the same thing for you! 481 more words


Find and filter the best content on the web with Power Search

One of the most popular features of feedly Pro is the Power Search function, which gives you robust tools to find any piece of content from across the web.  1,220 more words


Use Google tracking tools with your feedly

feedly can be a great tool to follow updates from Google News feeds in real time and get your Google Alerts delivered straight to where you get your news. 669 more words


My current Google Alerts

Here is a redacted list (for information security reasons) of my current Google Alerts:

  • Veterans
  • “root cause analysis”
  • “threat management”
  • “demeanor evidence”
  • “Credibility assessment”
  • “Workplace violence”
  • ADHD
  • “Corporate Investigations”