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Some of the simplest tips and tricks are also the best tips and tricks.  After taking the power searching with Google course, this proved to be true. 583 more words

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Chart Integration Comes to Google Docs/Slides

Users have asked for it and now they can have it. Yes, Google Drive now supports the integration of charts built from data within a Google Sheets file into Google Docs and Slides files.   115 more words

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Google Sheets Functions - CONCATENATE

Concatenation. What on earth does that mean? Put simply, this is putting different pieces together to create a whole. We can have values in different cells and use the CONCATENATE function to join them together to create one combined piece. 956 more words

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Save files to your student Google Drive

Did you know your student Google Drive has unlimited storage?

You can save all your uni assignments, group projects, research or general what-have-you to Google Drive, and you’ll never reach your maximum quota. 243 more words

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Ultimate mouse lite Control android mouse

Ultimate ControlUltimate ControlUltimate Control is a set of software tools that allow you to take control of your computer wirelessly.

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Google, more than just a search engine

If there is any web-based service that I use on a daily basis, it would be Google Drive and other Google-based web applications. My favorite aspect of the Google applications is that I can use them anywhere and on any device and it’s free. 447 more words

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Accessing E-mail: Google Apps

For the UAS Whalesong

Welcome new students! You may have noticed that all students, staff, and faculty have a Google Apps account. 356 more words