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The NEW Gmail "Offline"

A little over a year ago, as part of my blog series on how to use your Chromebook effectively and efficiently, I did a post on how to… 391 more words

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Planning with Google in Mind

As a school that incorporates Google Apps For Education (GAFE) into its daily routine, I think it is important to squeeze these products for all that they are worth! 1,226 more words

Great Apps for a Paperless Classroom!

Technology exists to make our lives easier although it tends to sometimes overcomplicate things in our classrooms! Ever had a great lesson planned and then the wifi stops working and you have to revert back to printing 30 copies of some worksheet you found last minute? 641 more words

Google සමාගම හදුන්වා දුන් අලුත්ම app එක - Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand යනු පුද්ගලාරෝපණ පුවත්පත් පාඨකයෙක් වන අතර ඔබේ මාතෘකාව, ප්‍රවෘති සහ සඟරා සොයන තනි ගමනාන්තයක් සපයනු ලබයි.ඔබගේ අවශ්‍යතාවය මත පදනම්ව මිලියනයකටත් වඩා වැඩි වෙබ් අඩවි, වීඩියෝ දර්ශන, විශේෂිත ප්‍රකාශන, ප්‍රධාන පෙළේ සඟරා සදහා දහස් සංඛ්යාත ප්‍රවේශයන් නොමිලේ ලබා ගත හැකිය. මෙහි ඇති විශේෂත්වය වන්නේ පුද්ගලාරෝපිත කතා සහ විශ්වාස කටයුතු මුලාශ්‍ර පරිශීලකයන්ට සොයා ගැනීමට පහසු වීමට කෘතීම බුද්ධිය එක් කර තිබීමයි.

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Gmail Gets a Facelift & It's Looking Good!

Last week Google announced a major refit to one of their core GSuite apps: Gmail. The updates to Gmail blend many different tools and settings together, with some pulled from what used to be available only through their Gmail Labs tab or from their other Email app: … 125 more words


Behold! Custom Links for your Google Sites Navigation

It has been a long time in coming, but the often-requested feature of being able to add custom links to the new Google Sites navigation bar has arrived. 418 more words

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Google Gmail now gets smarter with security, productivity and AI features

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Search engine and technology giant Google on April 25 started pushing out a new Gmail web client with redesigned features and new upgrades centred on productivity, security and ease of use. 145 more words