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Google Slides - Inserting static & dynamic charts

It’s common to see some kind of chart showing figures or statistics in presentations. Slides provides easy ways to insert charts, either as a static one (the figures are fixed) or as a dynamic one (the figures can be updated from a linked spreadsheet) 656 more words

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Google Slides - Using links to create quizzes, stories & games

Here we’ll look at the power of links and how something so simple can allow you to make your slides more interactive.

We’ll cover:

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Google Slides - Layers, arrange & groups

When you insert objects (images, shapes, text boxes) onto a slide, each one is inserted on a layer on top of the other one. So, the first object you insert is at the bottom (let’s say layer 1) and then the next one on top of that (layer 2) and the last one will be on the top (layer 3). 631 more words

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Google Slides - Sharing, emailing & downloading

As with other Google Apps like Docs and Sheets, in Slides you have the ability to share your document with others, either by giving them access to your document or by emailing it to them. 663 more words

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Google Slides - Printing your slides

Even in this digital age, we still often print out our slides. On Slides this is easy to do and you have the option of printing them out in different formats. 603 more words

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Limit access to your files in Google Drive

When you are working/collaborating with a group of people on a Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or a folder in your Google Drive for a limited time, you don’t want them to have access to your file/folder forever. 30 more words


Google is launching Allo and Duo - What's new in these chatting and Calling applications?

Allo and Duo are the instant messaging apps developed by Google. In this fast paced world, plenty of applications are available for audio and video calling. 394 more words