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Questionnaires - Automatically send feedback to individuals

It’s common to use questionnaires at the end of a course to get feedback on the course and teacher. When you have a lot of teachers, it can be hard work analysing that feedback and splitting into the different teachers. 1,720 more words

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Τέλος στο GTalk δίνει η Google αφαιρώντας παράλληλα τα SMS από το Hangouts

Μετά από 12 χρόνια, η Google είναι έτοιμη να απενεργοποιήσει για πάντα το Talk, την υπηρεσία ανταλλαγής άμεσων μηνυμάτων που οι περισσότεροι τη γνώρισαν με την ονομασία GTalk μέσα από το Gmail. 20 more words

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On The Chromebook: Calendar Offline

In previous posts I’ve covered how to use your Chromebook to access Google Drive and Gmail even when you are offline. This time around I will cover how to configure Google Calendar so that your events can be accessed even when you find your Chromebook cannot connect to WiFi. 377 more words

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Apps Script Basics - First Docs and Forms Scripts

Following on from my last post on creating your first script, here we’re going to edit a Google Doc and also a Google Form. This will show you how you can access Docs and Forms, not just Sheets with Apps Script and it will introduce you to how it’s possible to add and edit the text in those documents. 653 more words

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Starting From Scratch

A Return to the Beginning

What ever happened to a blank, white piece of paper?  Why is it that every app or tech tool claiming to inspire creativity simply has the user fill in a template? 508 more words

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Apps Script - Creating & sharing Class folders in Drive

Teachers using Drive often need to set up folders for their class and for their individual students. Doing it in Drive is not the most exciting job to do. 1,497 more words

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The Data Center Mural Project: Update

In a previous post I shared the story of how Google is bringing a little magic to their data centers around the world by partnering with local artists to create the  314 more words

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