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Make & Send Kids Reports

In this post, we’re going to look how we can create kids reports from a Google Sheet and convert them into individual PDFs made from Google Docs, then email them to the parents. 4,057 more words

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Google Group Message Archives

Did you know that every email message sent to Academy Personnel or your Team or your Department or ANY Google Group are all stored forever in the Google Group Archives? 198 more words

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Apps Script Basics - Arrays, Logger, Execution Transcript

In this post, we’re going to look at another key area in Apps Script and indeed many coding languages, that of arrays, which are just special variables which allow you to store multiple items in a single variable. 2,620 more words

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Google's latest move as its Developers Crunch on New Tech Innovation

Google Inc. lately crunched on its high tech innovation to come up with the latest apps to capture photos by iPhones and iPads. Facebook Inc. 315 more words


Apps Script - Issues reporting form, log & email

In this post, we’ll look at a way to create a quick and simple system to report maintenance and IT issues in the classroom.

The teacher fills out a Google Form on their phone, this gets logged on a Google Sheet, and as we work in a multilingual environment, it uses Google Translate to automatically translate the issue before emailing the relevant people. 2,104 more words

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Apps Script Basics - Loops

Here, we’re going to look at loops and how they can make repetitive tasks really easy and how they can save you so much coding. For example, if we want to print the word… 2,109 more words

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