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Google Cuts Off Parental Support for Google 'Moonshots'

Remember all that stuff about the Google reboot under the new Alphabet corporate parent organization that would give pet tech projects some breathing room? Well, there’s been a reboot of that reboot. 392 more words


Google: May We Recommend This Cloud App?

There’s a pretty simple motivation behind Google’s recent decision to endorse certain business applications and it’s this: A growing number of small and mid-sized businesses apparently want to migrate their business operations over to the cloud. 584 more words


Share your Google Classroom Calendar with Parents

When Google added the Calendar integration with Classroom, they pretty much released another feature that many had wanted, sharing with parents.  Now, parents still can’t log into Classroom unless they use their student’s information but they can easily see the Calendar that is created with that Classroom to see due dates for assignments.   74 more words

Tech Tips

Google announced today that it’s adding “guest access” to Hangouts, allowing users without Google accounts to join a Hangouts video call.

Google notes that the feature is something that has been highly requested by businesses, giving them an option to easily invite clients and others that may not already be hooked into Google’s ecosystem. 129 more words

Apps And Updates

Using Poll Everywhere in Google Slides

In this Periscope video, I show how to use the new Poll Everywhere Google Slides Chrome add-on to do a live interactive poll for your classroom. 15 more words

Stumbled across this post today

The link below gave me a good laugh.  I haven’t ripped on Microsoft in a while so it seemed that I was due for a good rant.   189 more words


How Search Works

In my lesson on the use of keywords when conducting Internet searches, I found this video by Matt Cutts. Matt, an engineer at Google, explains what Google does when a user inputs a search query into their search engine. 37 more words