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Preparing for College 101: Time Management

You may not realise it yet (or maybe you have) but “time” in college is not the same as “time” in high school. Lecture periods are longer, assignments are longer, reading lists are longer, practicals are longer – are you noticing a trend here? 1,185 more words

Preparing For College 101

On being productive..

As most of you will know, part of my travel is about training for my first ultra marathon. I am also studying so I can launch my very cool new business (more about that in future months when I am getting closer to launch). 501 more words


Using Google Calendar to Share Supplemental Class Notes

As a K-12 Teaching Assistant sometimes there is a need to push into classrooms for supporting IEP Students by taking supplemental notes . Due to the nature of ones schedule it can be difficult to copy notes for one’s Teacher Partners and the Students. 157 more words

Ed Tech

Google adds "Smart Suggestion" to #GoogleCalender by @Tiwaash #Android #iOS

With the new update rolling out for Google Calendar, Google has just updated its Google Calendar with a smart yet unique Smart Suggestion feature for event tiles, places and people in as many as 30 different languages. 212 more words

Google Calendar Update Brings Smart Suggestions and More

Google has rolled out an update to its Calendar app with new features alongside the addition of more country-specific holidays, and support for new languages. Available for both Android and iOS, the highlight of the update however is the new Smart Suggestions feature. 289 more words


Google Calendar Adds A Bunch of New Holiday Calendars to its App

Google has added a ton of new holiday calendars to Google Calendar. “This week, we added 54 additional country-based holiday calendars to the Google Calendar Android and iOS apps. 13 more words


Google Calendar adds smart suggestions + 54 new country-based holiday calendars

If you’re like me, you live your day heavily by your calendar, and Google is making that experience a little more efficient. Google is updating… 204 more words