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Google Calendar: It Actually Works Well

I am very surprised of what I am going to say. Google Calendar actually works very well as a calendar and a to-do list. Congratulations Google, another app that did not totally fail like *cough* Google Plus *cough.*


Organise Your Life

As much as I appreciate being a creative and the lives we live just going with the flow of things and taking it one step at a time etc I still believe one thing that all of us should do is organise our lives. 929 more words


Nuthin' Days

I haven’t had one for a while. Sometimes I load my calendar so full my colors run together.

Do you keep a Google Calendar? I admit I’m a Google lover. 354 more words

Sunday funday. Still got to get some work done too:)

Been away for a week now and I hope someone out there missed me. Anyone? Buehler, Buehler, Buehler……… If you missed me thank you, if not that is ok too. 194 more words

Breaking news: I am using Google calendar on my phone and tablet for my to-do list.  I will need a lot of luck because most of the time Google’s apps never seem to constantly work when you need it.   20 more words


Google Calendar

National holidays in China and Hong Kong, according to Google Calendar.

red : China
blue : Hong Kong

At first I was just curious about national holidays in China, but then I thought that Khalil Fong lived in Hong Kong, so I added Hong Kong’s calendar, too. ###

Learning Chinese

Things you didn't know you needed to know...

When I became a new ITS, Krista Tyler at McNeil HS shared this amazing prezzo with me. I had no idea then how much tab scissors… 24 more words