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Teach Students How to Create Calendar Meetings

Google Calendar is a tool both students and teachers can use for communication and collaboration. It allows the user to share attachments, web-links and images along with a brief summary. 106 more words

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Google Calendars Versus CommonSlot – A Comparison

Google calendar has been there for many years and I am sure you all must have used it at some point of time. CommonSlot is comparatively new but is fast gaining popularity. 96 more words

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calen-do's! [pt. 2 of HIOML]

HIOML = How I Organize My Life
I know, what a cheesy acronym right?

Part 1 (which I’m going to go an retroactively change the title of right now) is… 779 more words


Ways to Stay Organized

As an admin, my job requires me to juggle several projects at once, all with different deadlines, importance levels, and with different colleagues. In addition to the physical paper clutter that can result, it is increasingly important to be digitally organized. 1,049 more words

Google Calendar Mobile App: Goals

Recently Google added Reminders to the mobile Calendar app, allowing you to add an a reminder to your to-do list that will move with you from day-to-day until you complete it. 281 more words

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12 Productive Ideas for a Shared Google Calendar

I’m a big fan of Google Calendar. I use it on my computer, iPad and Smartphone.

This easy to read article tells you how you can expand your use of Google Calendar. 18 more words


Ideas for a Shared Google Calendar

From MakeUseOf: 12 Productive Ideas for a Shared Google Calendar. “Google Calendar is a phenomenal productivity tool, whether you use it for yourself or to collaborate with a larger group. 34 more words