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Using Google Calendar as a Vegetable Planner

Last year I was lucky enough to acquire a ten-pole allotment. I had done some flower gardening and vegetable growing previously with my grandmother and mum, but this was my first time ‘going it alone’, so to speak. 329 more words

Allotment Planning

Can't keep up with a bullet journal? altrocklife gets organised for 2017

Hi altrocklifers! Today I decided to do something a bit different on this blog, and turn my hand to making a YouTube video.  As we have now entered the new year, I decided to get myself organised and ready to tackle the year ahead, by combining a weekly desk planner and the Google Calendar app on my phone. 142 more words


10. Find a Time

If your school uses Google Calendar for keeping track of meetings and room availability?  To limit the number of emails back and forth of “are you available” and “I am not then, try this time,” Google Calendar has created the ‘Find a Time’ feature. 95 more words

TechRadar: How to connect your Google Calendar to Amazon Echo

TechRadar: How to connect your Google Calendar to Amazon Echo. “Out of the box the Amazon Echo (and the smaller, cheaper Amazon Echo Dot ) is a fantastically useful device, with its voice-activated virtual assistant Alexa giving you all sorts of information (such as weather and traffic updates) to help you plan your day, but by allowing the Amazon Echo to access your Google Calendar, you can make it even more useful.”

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Google Calendar Integrates With Apple Health

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If you’re setting out to achieve a goal, seeing progress can be a great motivation. Goals in Google Calendar makes finding time for activities like hitting the gym or going on more runs easy.

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Google Calendar Goal Update

Google Calendar has been my default calendar for over 10 years now! That’s a long time in anyone’s books and it keeps getting better. Last year (2016 – getting my head around that still) I got really used to using the… 174 more words

21st Century

Google Calendar integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health to help you stick to your fitness goals

With Goals, Google launched a new Google Calendar feature last year that allowed you to easily schedule and track certain goals you set for yourself. Right in time for people to forget their New Year’s resolutions, Google today… 165 more words