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Test Driving Google Cloud Dataflow (alpha)

Back in June 2014, at the annual Google IO in San Francisco, Google unveiled their newest, and much hyped cloud product, Cloud Dataflow. The… 2,624 more words


Loading data from CSV to BigQuery

In one of the previous posts, you learnt to load files into the Google Cloud Storage.

Now let us use the files in the Google Cloud Storage as a data source for the tables in Google BigQuery. 487 more words


Load data into Google Cloud Storage

Alright, so all you folks still thinking of trying out the Google Cloud Platform but are still wondering how to get started, go ahead and… 265 more words


A real quick quick start with Google Cloud Platform command line tools

Getting started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is actually very easy but as with getting started with anything sometimes you just want a quick 101 of essential steps to set you on your merry way. 732 more words

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A comparison of Cloud object stores

This is an update to my 2011 summary table comparing key features of Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 and Microsoft Azure (Azure) blog storage . I’ve also expanded it to cover more features added since then and I have now included Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Storage. 1,775 more words

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Now Coming With Your Laptop: Large Helpings Of Cloud Storage

Out this morning is a spec list for the forthcoming HP Stream laptop that will run Windows 8.1, and is expected to cost $199. It’s a device that Microsoft hopes will compete with Chromebooks, Google’s laptop offering that has consumed some PC market share, mostly among less expensive devices. 249 more words


Google plans to make its IP Storage a free service soon!

Google, the high-flying search engine in the world has decided to cut down its cloud storage prices to zero by this year end. The internet juggernaut is already planning to make its… 189 more words

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