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Luigi and Google Cloud in production - retrospective

We’ve been running Luigi now in production for 3 weeks without any issues, so I thought it was time to share the code I wrote to link luigi with Google Cloud (see the previous… 358 more words

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Google cloud storage setup and object lifecycle management

Uploading data to google cloud storage:

1. Access URL : https://cloud.google.com/, sign in with your credentials.

2. Navigate to Products -> Storage then click the My console which is there on top right corner. 384 more words

Google Cloud Storage

Uploading file with size > 2GB on google cloud storage using gsutil

I was successfully able to upload smaller sized files on google cloud storage however one day while I was trying to upload file sized 5GB , it gave me error something like : long int too large to convert into int . 98 more words

Google Cloud Storage

Test Driving Google Cloud Dataflow (alpha)

Back in June 2014, at the annual Google IO in San Francisco, Google unveiled their newest, and much hyped cloud product, Cloud Dataflow. The… 2,624 more words


Loading data from CSV to BigQuery

In one of the previous posts, you learnt to load files into the Google Cloud Storage.

Now let us use the files in the Google Cloud Storage as a data source for the tables in Google BigQuery. 487 more words


Load data into Google Cloud Storage

Alright, so all you folks still thinking of trying out the Google Cloud Platform but are still wondering how to get started, go ahead and… 264 more words


A real quick quick start with Google Cloud Platform command line tools

Getting started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is actually very easy but as with getting started with anything sometimes you just want a quick 101 of essential steps to set you on your merry way. 732 more words

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