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Google Analytics Supports BigQuery

Google just announced the availability of BigQuery in its Google Analytics service. The Google Analytics Team just sent out an email to its customers announcing the availability. 129 more words



Facts :

  • Leads online advertising.
  • Small and mid-size business
  • Does not change to meet customer needs
  • Does innovate very rapidly (If you are building an application in top of google, you need to accommodate to that rapid innovation)
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Google Next, l'événement Google Cloud Platform à Paris

L’équipe Google Cloud Platform vous invite à la Première conférence Next en France. Plusieurs centaines de développeurs et de décideurs IT se réuniront à Paris le 13 octobre 2015 afin de comprendre comment le Cloud Google est susceptible d’accélérer leurs développements, de simplifier leurs systèmes IT et de répondre aux enjeux de la Mobilité et du Big Data. 523 more words
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#NewStuff: VMWorld 2015 Edition

VMWorld was bigger than ever this year with 23,000+ attendees. Announcements came in droves and vCloud Air certainly didn’t miss out on its fair share. I will be covering all of these in lot more detail in coming posts, but for now here’s high level summary. 711 more words

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Download VM (VHD) from Azure and uploading it to Google cloud and get it working..

In order to Download an Azure Virtual machine and make it possible to upload it and get it to work on Google cloud, I am going to export a working virtual machine with Ubuntu 15.4 server version on it with WordPress installed and functioning. 1,260 more words


Google’s Container Engine, the system through which developers can easily create and manage clusters of software containers, is now generally available. Software containers are isolated environments where individual applications can run separate from any other applications, allowing for more granular resource management and increased security, among other things. 316 more words

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Update Your Google Storage by Mail

Feeling a little retro? Mail your storage data to Google. “Using this service, developers will be able to send their physical media, including hard disk drives, tapes and USB flash drives to its partners — and those partners will then import it into a pre-selected Cloud Storage class (that’s Standard, DRA and Nearline, Google’s new low-cost, high-latency storage service). 7 more words