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Google’s Container Engine, the system through which developers can easily create and manage clusters of software containers, is now generally available. Software containers are isolated environments where individual applications can run separate from any other applications, allowing for more granular resource management and increased security, among other things. 316 more words

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Update Your Google Storage by Mail

Feeling a little retro? Mail your storage data to Google. “Using this service, developers will be able to send their physical media, including hard disk drives, tapes and USB flash drives to its partners — and those partners will then import it into a pre-selected Cloud Storage class (that’s Standard, DRA and Nearline, Google’s new low-cost, high-latency storage service). 7 more words


Week 12 : Updating script to launch spark clusters on google cloud

The 16th of August marked the ending of my 12th and the penultimate week of gsoc’15. Here’s an update for the week :

This week I went back to updating the spark_gce script written earlier by my mentor… 213 more words

Finishing Milestone One and Starting Milestone Two

Time and Project Management Woes

So this week has been a bit of a jumble. By August 10th, I was hoping to have milestone one finished so that I can start planning how I will make my prototype application in Visual Studio. 1,110 more words

Video of 'Big Data the Cloud Way' presentation now available

Video of the recent ‘Big Data the Cloud Way’ presentation by Shine’s Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer is now available.

In it, Graham and Shane talk about how they used both the Google and Amazon cloud stacks at Telstra to query massive quantities of data in super-fast times using regular SQL queries. 34 more words


If Your Business Still Uses Servers, You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong

Your servers are useless, and you should sell them.

Many businesses small and large buy servers for many wrong reasons. Some businesses want a server for an application they wrote. 1,099 more words


Data Unlimited, l'événement Open Data/Big Data de la rentrée

De l’Open Data au Big Data, la donnée s’apprête à révolutionner l’IT et la société, à l’instar du Cloud. Pour faire le point sur le sujet, Google et D2SI vous convient à une soirée scène ouverte sur les usages et applications de la Data. 139 more words
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