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Overview of .NET on Google Cloud Platform

I consider myself a Java developer first but during my time at Microsoft and Skype, I had the chance to learn about C# and .NET. Over time, I started liking the advanced features in C# (that Java just recently started having) and the great ecosystem and tooling around .NET.  605 more words

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Cloud Minute: Online Resizing of Persistent Disks

Google Cloud Platform introduced online resizing of Google Cloud Persistent Disks almost a month ago. When I first read about this feature, I was so amazed that I had to try it right away. 48 more words

Shodan Search Reveals Open Cloud Control Panels

While researching web server frameworks, I ran across something that seemed very odd. I found what appeared to be unsecured Cloud Cluster controls. And using Shodan I could tell the difference between the ones that were using account login control and those that were surprisingly completely open to the public. 649 more words

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Working With Google Compute Engine (GCE) using Terraform (With a load of Bash Scripts too)

Mission: I wanted to setup an instance, that I could install various things on and prepare it to act as a Terraformer or central server within GCE to spawn instances, setup networks, and generally manage the network autonomously of any local scripts or junk I have on my local computer. 2,642 more words


Bash Named Pipes, Fast dataSync

One of the most interesting problem in Data warehouse is to sync big data with legacy databases. One of the example is to do fact table processing in Hadoop and merge end results with database for end users access. 449 more words


Pablo rocking the stage at Google's annual cloud event!

Last week, Shine’s very own Pablo Caif gave a presentation at GCP Next 2016 in San Francisco, which is Google’s largest annual cloud platform event. Pablo delivered an outstanding talk on the work Shine have done for Telstra, which involves building solutions on the GCP stack to manage and analyse their massive datasets. 121 more words


Google Doubles Down on the Cloud

Meanwhile, Google is also getting seriously (or more seriously, I suppose) into the cloud. “Google has unveiled ambitious expansion plans for its global cloud footprint with the construction of 12 data centres and the opening of 11 new cloud regions worldwide. 20 more words

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