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Google Cuts Off Parental Support for Google 'Moonshots'

Remember all that stuff about the Google reboot under the new Alphabet corporate parent organization that would give pet tech projects some breathing room? Well, there’s been a reboot of that reboot. 392 more words


New Contest Crowdsources the Fight Against Cancer

Interested in crowdsourcing? Interested in fighting cancer? Here ya go.

“The Challenge tackles three key questions about the sub-clonality of cancer: how many subclones are within any given tumour, how did these subclones grow and evolve, and which genetic mutations are present in each subclones? 140 more words

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Google Has a More Flexible Way to Buy Its Cloud

Google on Wednesday announced a set of new custom cloud capabilities that should make it easier for customers to select the cloud resources that best meet their needs, while cutting down on a common problem—buying more capability than needed. 372 more words


Microsoft VP Scott Guthrie explains "the connected cow"

Reporting from Future Decoded 2015 at the ExCeL International Convention Centre in London —

Microsoft’s Vice President Scott Guthrie has demonstrated in which the way that technology giant Fujitsu has solved a major problem for farmers who own cows, but not just any cow, the “connected cow”. 203 more words

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The Enterprise Public Cloud Wars Are Over. Let's Talk About What's Next

Last week there were some very interesting developments in the public cloud space. First, Microsoft, Amazon beat Wall Street expectations and reported monster numbers associated with their public cloud offerings. 907 more words

Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud - Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about the similarities between Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud in their Compute sections. In this post, I want to compare the Storage options provided by the two providers. 593 more words


Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud - Part 1

I’ve been working with Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform for a while now and in my free time, I’ve been also looking into Google’s Cloud Platform out of curiosity. 451 more words