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Hello Google!

After almost 3 years at Skype & Microsoft, I’ve decided to join to Google. I’ll be working as a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud. 55 more words

Google Cloud

D2SI Sponsor du DevFest

L’édition 2016 du DevFest Paris aura lieu le 5 Février prochain. Organisée par le Google Developer Group Paris, le DevFest est la plus importante conférénce sur les technologies Google à Paris. 165 more words
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Join-like on Google Cloud / AppEngine Datastore on Node.js

How to make a join-like query on 2 entities from Google Cloud / App Engine Datastore from Node.js

var gcloud = require('gcloud');
var async = require('async');

// express routes
app.get('/myroute', function list(req, res) {

    // this fct retrieves the data from gae datastore from the first entity then loop on the second entity to find the client name based on the id
    // we have 2 tables : table 1 'clientsOps' : idClient | ClientLastOpDate & table 2 'clients' : idClient | ClientName | ClientAddress | ... 339 more words

Automated Voice Quality Monitoring using Open Source Software

Discussing voice quality can be two different conversations depending to whom you speak.

The network side of the house will speak of monitoring packet loss as a measure of voice quality.   780 more words