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Google Cloud Messaging Now Available for iOS

Businesses across the globe have been utilizing push notifications in encouraging engagement, increasing traffic, augmenting experience, boosting involvement and driving conversions. These are silent notifications that you send your customers through your… 297 more words

Google Cloud

Greenwood Bankruptcy Gang Stalking

I think I’m finally getting gang stalked, awesome!!!

Everyone said if we kept talking about gang stalking on our show then we’d be targeted. Is this a real gang stalker we’ve got on our hands? 274 more words


Upcoming Shine Event: Leveraging Big Data in the Cloud using Google and AWS

Shine would like to invite you to a special event we are hosting in Melbourne on July 8.

In a one-off presentation to be held at ACMI in Federation Square, Shiners Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer will share with you the story of how they helped Telstra analyse massive data sets in a matter of seconds using the power of the cloud. 182 more words


Authentication and authorisation on Kubernetes cluster

This is a description of the steps to deploy the Docker Authentication and authorisation solution (from earlier blog here) on a kubernetes cluster, hosted on Google Cloud platform, fully split into pods/services so it can be scaled/load balanced. 968 more words

Cloud myths

“It is a major security risk”

Mention the word “cloud” and that’s the response you’ll hear all too often (usually from an information security officer). 371 more words


Want help with your CV? Contact MillsHill - the 'small giant' of #cloud IT infrastructure recruitment.

Email either of us with the words ‘SMALL GIANT’ in the subject header and we’ll contact you ASAP.

NEIL MILLS – nmills@millshill.co.uk – 01803 321233… 140 more words

Do you like aaS?

SaaS, IaaS and PaaS and are phrases you might hear thrown around when people talk about the cloud. But what do they mean?

What does it stand for? 557 more words