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Bot Traffic from Google Cloud

I saw bot traffic from Google Cloud in my external advertiser stats. Do I have to pay Atomx for it?

Every once in a while buying clients raise concerns about Google Cloud impressions and clicks showing up in their external buyside statistics. 117 more words

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Google BigQuery hits the gym and beefs up!

At Shine we’re big fans of Google BigQuery, which is their flagship big data processing SaaS. Load in your data of any size, write some SQL, and smash through datasets in mere seconds. 2,008 more words


Automating Your Dismissal With BigQuery

Using only one simple python script you too can run up an enormous bill in Google’s BigQuery and gain the animosity of your employer! Read on to find out more (SPOILER: I didn’t get fired) 1,136 more words


C is the new Java

In my previous post Game Over for VMs, what’s next?  I made the case that the underlying concerns that gave rise to virtual machine technology no longer exist.  358 more words

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War of The Clouds - Azure vs. AWS vs. Google GCP

During this 30-minute webinar from January 13, 2016, Jeremy Cioara, Garth Schulte, and Ben Finkel compare and contrast Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform… 35 more words


Cloud Minute: Deploying ASP.NET apps on Google Compute Engine

In my previous post, I talked about how to deploy ASP.NET apps to Google Cloud. In this post, I want to point out a short Cloud Minute video that quickly shows how to deploy ASP.NET apps to Google Cloud. Enjoy!

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Filling the BigQuery paddling pool from the Kinesis Hosepipe


This blog post details how we solved the problem of analysing large amounts of HTTP request logs for one of our clients. Spoiler: we used Amazon’s… 2,014 more words