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Taking a swing at C++ with Google Code University.

I’ve never programmed before, apart from a brief stint when I first got the Internet in the days when mIRC and Angelfire websites were big. 26 more words


2012 will be my year to code

They say it takes three to seven attempts to quit smoking before you really do.

What about attempts to consistently blog?

If the same holds true for both, then I’m good, though I’m sad that it has been so long since I was last on here. 819 more words


Google's MapReduce patent and the future of Hadoop and CouchDB

Recently Ars Technica published a good article about Google being awarded a Software Patent (by USPTO) that covers the principle of distributed MapReduce.

The importance of this event lies in the fact that many of todays leading software companies use MapReduce based projects. 326 more words


What is Google Code University ?? | Google Code

Need to pick up a little extra coding knowledge to give your website a bit of a tweak? Or need help with a host of computer related stuff for free? 68 more words

Google Code Hosting

The GOOGLE Code University, where anybody can be a student

The GOOGLE Code University, where anybody can be a student

Living up to its motto of “Do no Evil” , Google certainly is doing a magnificent work in its way of contributing to the society. 452 more words

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