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Working With Google Compute Engine (GCE) using Terraform (With a load of Bash Scripts too)

Mission: I wanted to setup an instance, that I could install various things on and prepare it to act as a Terraformer or central server within GCE to spawn instances, setup networks, and generally manage the network autonomously of any local scripts or junk I have on my local computer. 2,642 more words


E-Commerce on Google Cloud Platform

You can create easily Prestashop E-commerce platform with Click to Deploy service on Cloud Launcher.

It’s getting on a Debian machine and with the other required services for Prestashop. 6 more words


Google Compute Engine Load Balancing

You can see the video how to make load balancing on Google Compute Engine


Google Compute Engine StartUp Scripts


You could just create a startup script that would change this for you on instance/cluster creation: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/startupscript#provide_startup_script_contents_directly

I replicated on an instance with the startup commands as below (but, test before pushing into production systems): 13 more words


Google's Custom Machine Types Come Out Of Beta, Now Support Red Hat And Windows

Custom Machine Types on Google’s Cloud Platform allow you to choose exactly how many CPU cores and how much memory you want in a virtual machine to run your applications. 239 more words


Docker: 70,000% increase in job postings

Amazing stats posted by Mano Marks

More than a 70,000% increase in job postings around the world. It’s safe to say that companies all over are investing heavily in Docker to transform their application lifecycles.

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Cloud Cost Cuts Simmer Down

It’s not your imagination. The round-robin of cloud computing price cuts that roiled the industry the past few years has slowed down, according to a new research note from Jonathan Atkin, analyst for RBC Capital Markets. 438 more words