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Docker: 70,000% increase in job postings

Amazing stats posted by Mano Marks

More than a 70,000% increase in job postings around the world. It’s safe to say that companies all over are investing heavily in Docker to transform their application lifecycles.

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Cloud Cost Cuts Simmer Down

It’s not your imagination. The round-robin of cloud computing price cuts that roiled the industry the past few years has slowed down, according to a new research note from Jonathan Atkin, analyst for RBC Capital Markets. 438 more words


Google's Secret Plan to Catch Up to Amazon and Microsoft in Cloud

Over the past few months, while Amazon, Microsoft and IBM took turns unveiling new cloud computing data centers in China, India, Germany, the… 837 more words


Google Launches Custom Machine Types For Its Cloud Platform

Google launched a new way of buying virtual machines in its cloud today.

No matter whether you choose the Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure or another player, the way you buy virtual machines is pretty much always the same: you pick from a limited set of pre-configured CPU and RAM options on machines that are either optimized for compute or memory. 337 more words


Google Brings App Engine And Cloud Datastore To Its New East Coast Region

It’s only been two weeks since Google first launched some of its core Cloud Platform services in its South Carolina data center (the ‘us-east1 region’ if you want to be precise). 150 more words


Docker Machine to control Docker Hosts on Google Cloud

You need to install Docker on the Virtual Machine in your preferred cloud. You provision an instance, SSH into it, install Docker, pull down the relevant images, etc. 2,661 more words

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Running Slackalytics on Google Compute Engine

Slack is an excellent messaging medium for teams and I have been part of teams that have been using it successfully for a while now. My interest in Slack is more along its API and Bots that we can write to customize it to our needs. 1,270 more words

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