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Google Announces Pre-emptible Virtual Machines Marked By Price Reductions Of 70%

On Monday, Google introduced Google Compute Engine pre-emptible virtual machines. Pre-emptible machines enjoy a 70% discount on standard pricing but may be shut down at any time and have a maximum runtime of 24 hours. 261 more words


Benchmarking Redis on Google Cloud Platform

Redis, the high-performance data structure server comes along with its own benchmarking tool. The tool is similar to Apache Bench (ab). I decided to benchmark Redis on Google Compute Engine VM instance and see what it looks like.  895 more words

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Google Cloud Platform Updates - Articles (March - April 2015)

I have covered several feature/service announcements on Google Cloud Platform, Android, Web via short blog posts. These posts are published on ProgrammableWeb. These posts covers news on March – April 2015 timeline. 36 more words

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Resolving "X-Frame-Options:SAMEORIGIN" issue with Google Compute Engine hosted instance

Recently, I have been reading TDD with Python. It’s an amazing book to learn django, python and most importantly TDD!

I was going through Chapter 8 which is about deployment to a live server. 274 more words


Google Compute Engine : Load Balancer In Action

This week I introduced Google Cloud Platform to a select group of individuals. I wanted to show them the “Operational Simplicity” of the platform vis-a-vis the other IaaS providers. 277 more words

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Deploying a Redis Cluster on Google Compute Engine with Docker

Redis cluster is a solution for running Redis in a distributed infrastructure where data stored is auto-sharded across multiple nodes. In this tutorial, we are going to install it on a Google Compute Engine virtual machine using… 924 more words


A massive database now translates news in 65 languages in real time

I have written quite a bit about GDELT (the Global Database of Events, Languages and Tone) over the past year, because I think it’s a great example of the type of ambitious project only made possible by the advent of cloud computing and big data systems. 603 more words