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Google Compute Engine (GCE) firewall and iptables at VM host

After I click “Allow HTTP” and “Allow HTTPS” in the settings of Centos 7 vm, I can get http or https pages of my site. What? 335 more words


Google's Compute Engine now lets you choose between CPU platforms

Google is updating its Compute Engine cloud computing service today with a number of new features that are especially interesting to users who need high-performance processors and/or access to a lot of memory. 244 more words


Google's Compute Engine now offers machines with up to 64 CPU cores, 416GB of RAM

Google is doubling the maximum number of CPU cores developers can use with a single virtual machine on its Compute Engine service from 32 to 64. 190 more words


Connecting From GCE / GAE (Java) to Google Cloud SQL

Started using Google Cloud SQL couple of days back. While it was easy to connect to the database from app engine application, it became pain for a few hours last evening to figure out how to connect the app on the compute engine instances. 884 more words


250 GB/day of logs with Graylog: Lessons Learned


  • Load Balancer: Load balancer for log input (syslog, kafka, GELF, …)
  • Graylog: Logs receiver and processor + Web interface
  • ElasticSearch: Logs storage…
  • 2,041 more words