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Docker Machine to control Docker Hosts on Google Cloud

You need to install Docker on the Virtual Machine in your preferred cloud. You provision an instance, SSH into it, install Docker, pull down the relevant images, etc. 2,664 more words

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Running Slackalytics on Google Compute Engine

Slack is an excellent messaging medium for teams and I have been part of teams that have been using it successfully for a while now. My interest in Slack is more along its API and Bots that we can write to customize it to our needs. 1,270 more words

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Google Launches New Cloud Platform Region To Better Serve Eastern U.S.

Google today announced the launch of a new Cloud Platform region for its customers on the U.S. East Coast.

The poetically named “us-east1” region will now be available for Google Compute Engine, Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL users. 245 more words


Add Users to Google Compute Engine / EC2 Instances

In the past, when I wanted to share a Linux box with other users, it was simply by creating another user and making sure their password are ‘strong’. 89 more words


Google Compute Engine's Preemptible Virtual Machines Are Now Generally Available

Google’s preemptible virtual machine instances for Compute Engine are now generally available.

The company launched these preemptible virtual machines (VMs) about four months ago. What makes this type of VM special is that Google can shut it down at any time but in return sells it at a significant discount of up to 70 percent. 234 more words


Microsoft Azure Cuts Some VM Prices, Brings Premium Storage Options To G-Series VMs

Microsoft is announcing a couple of updates to its Azure cloud computing service today that, among other things, include the launch of a new variant of its performance-optimized G-type virtual machines (VMs) and price cuts for its compute-centric D-type VMs. 306 more words


Can Compute Engine Encryption Keys Dull Google’s Snooping Reputation?

Google has announced that users will now be able to use bring-your-own-keys to encrypt compute resources, stating confidently that ‘security is at the core of Google’s architecture.’ 348 more words