Filter out spammers and click bait from Google Analytics

During the last few months, a new wonderful type of spam became part of my life: the Google Analytics spam.

As this article describes, what happens is that you start seeing some blatantly bogus traffic coming from a bunch of websites like semalt.com, buttons-for-website.com, darodar.com, or ilovevitaly.com. 399 more words


Chrome for Android freezes when scrolling

On my phone, scrolling web pages on Chrome recently became unbearably ugly. Every few seconds when scrolling Chrome will freeze completely, apparently no longer reacting to touch input, only to come back to life a split second later. 92 more words


How long does it take for the Google Play Store to publish my app in beta?

Your mileage may vary, but it shouldn’t take significantly longer than a couple of hours. If you’re not too unlucky, it should probably take just one hour, both when you’re publishing an app for the first time, and when you’re releasing an update for an existing app. 205 more words


Logging in Javascript and filtering by tag

I’m not a fan of loggers in general when it comes to simplicity. They all require you to spend (waste) some time on understanding their configuration syntax, maybe dealing with XML files (what am I, a caveman? 509 more words


Change default date range in Google Analytics with a Chrome Extension

Updated description so that it matches the latest version of the extension on GitHub

I moved the extension project to GitHub, and updated this post accordingly… 441 more words


Opening tabs that have been opened in other computers with Chrome/Chromium

As reader James pointed out in the comments, recent versions of Chrome/Chromium have a “Recent Tabs” entry in the menu on the top right of the screen (the hamburger button, the one with 3 horizontal lines) that is some kind of replacement for both “Recently closed” and “Other devices”. 694 more words