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Environmental Issues Research and Presentation

Earlier in the school year, to cap off our unit on the environment, my 6th graders completed an environmental issues research project and  presentation. This project was a great opportunity for the students to demonstrate both their public speaking and tech skills, as well as provide a forum for student-directed learning. 255 more words

Life Science

1/20: Design Lab 1 - Intro to Design Labs Part 2

Before Class Preparation:

  • Completed a preliminary data collection analysis:
    • Do you find a relationship?
    • Is it enough to answer your design question?

In Class Activity: 17 more words

Topic 2

The Heavens Playlist - Using Spotify

As an introduction to our Space Unit, we created a playlist with songs that mentioned stars, comets, the moon, and other celestial features in the lyrics. 142 more words

Earth Science