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Working out last details

One of our team members brought in these awesome black boards so we could arrange our model. But it turns out we need more boards to be able to get the relative scale of the planets to actually fit! 38 more words

A few last minute tweaks...

One of the builders did not like the way his Mars turned out, so we’re reprinting that planet.

But today, the team took the sun, its base, and the planets that are printed out and assembled them into a rough approximation of the final scheme. 68 more words

Prototype board game presentation

Last Wednesday we presented our board game to the cohort. This has provided us with constructive feedback, and pointed us in multiple directions our game can go in, to further its ‘play ability’. 36 more words

Media And Communication

The Home Stretch!

The team has been hard at work, refining the bases the planets rest on, as well as thinking about the connector system. I have been busily printing out their planets and connectors and testing the rods. 118 more words

The Perfect Writing Space

In my perfect writing space, there would be no room for distraction, over stimulation, or confusion. Essentially, it would be a digital version of the pen and paper; just a blank page with options to change certain elements. 305 more words


Do we need super cloud PDM? But wait, we already have PLM...

Cloud is transforming businesses and technologies. CAD and PDM are going to be transformed too. If you had a chance to follow my blog last week, you probably read my thoughts from… 510 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

Week 3: RD

Blog update

Last week we were tasked in making a board game. So what did we make? Only the best idea/board game ever!

The board game is based around the terrible experiences one can have while working in the retail industry. 206 more words