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What to do? Can't Read Google Drive Language...

The other day while supporting in the Google Drive Help Forum  I noticed users asking how to set their Google Drive Language back to English. One user in particular said, … 169 more words

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4 Google Doc Tips to Simplify Life

Teachers and Students tend to create and curate everyday. Thank you Google for building some helpful tools into Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and Drawings. They make using Google Docs a pleasurable experience. 81 more words

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The Ballad of the Groovy Cats (Work in Progress)

So this is the first longform story I’ve ever written more than afew hundred words for, and currently has a working title. None of the acts are finished, so there’s a hole in Act 1, just skip Chapter 3 for now and things will still make sense up until I stopped writing Act 2. 10 more words


Useful Google Drive (8-A-1)

Our school has implemented Google classroom last year. We now use Google Drive as our school’s official web application. We use Google Doc for group collaboration and meeting notes and share information stored in Google Drive. 281 more words

Can't Edit My Doc! What do I do???

Matthew Inman  CC BY 3.0

Teaching basic self-help computer strategies should be just as important as learning to  use digital tools for creating and collaborating. Just think how much time could be saved if one knew some basic tips. 74 more words

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Acrostic Poems & Google Docs No Way!

Yes! It is possible to create an Acrostic Poem in a Google Doc. Did I hear you say, “Oh how can this be?” “There is no vertical orientation for a text box or a vertical font?” The answer is within a Google Drawing. 110 more words

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Students Build with Chrome~Oh! Yeah!!!

Looking for an easy way to engage students in math, social studies, science or perhaps ELA? Why not release the students creative and critical thinking skills juices with   198 more words

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