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Technology Maturity Survey

This week, I was tasked with looking at my program with a critical eye and focusing on the maturity of our technology usage.  I figured that this task would be easy, as I work for an online high school program.   256 more words


Collaborative projects with students – using wikis and Google docs

Collaborative tools are becoming more and more important in today’s world, particularly with the heavy reliance we now have on networks and particularly the Internet. Without a doubt sharing a file, updating it and making it available to the respective users in real time is a big advantage. 442 more words


We have a student body of over 1,400 students and a faculty and staff of over 120 educators.   Of our 87 coaches just 25 are housed in our high school.   414 more words

Working out last details

One of our team members brought in these awesome black boards so we could arrange our model. But it turns out we need more boards to be able to get the relative scale of the planets to actually fit! 38 more words

A few last minute tweaks...

One of the builders did not like the way his Mars turned out, so we’re reprinting that planet.

But today, the team took the sun, its base, and the planets that are printed out and assembled them into a rough approximation of the final scheme. 68 more words

Prototype board game presentation

Last Wednesday we presented our board game to the cohort. This has provided us with constructive feedback, and pointed us in multiple directions our game can go in, to further its ‘play ability’. 36 more words

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