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How to Use Google Docs

We use Google Docs often in the classroom. Here’s how they work:

Opening a Document:

  • Click the Google icon (picture) at the bottom of your screen to open the search page.
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Building Conway's Game of Life in Google Docs

Are you an old-school computing nerd? Remember Conway’s Game of Life? Here it is in a Google Doc. Just wow.


High Five the First Days - Setting Up Google Folders

High Five the First Days is a series of blog posts aimed at new teachers, or teachers just looking for ideas or reminders. The purpose is to help in the establishment of a solid foundation on which you can build an awesome school year. 1,238 more words


Moving from Evernote to Google Docs

Summer is a good time to catch up on those organizational tasks that never seem to get done while there are more pressing things to do. 522 more words


Students have access to smartphones and that is it! How will you adapt?



Stop with the Word documents, PowerPoints, and other media that is not very mobile friendly. Start using and converting your files to Google Docs, Sheets & Slides. 272 more words


Google Docs finally works properly on the iPad Pro

Only yesterday I was sat in a cafe with my iPad Pro editing an article that a colleague had shared with me in Google Docs, thinking to myself “man, if only this app would get updated so I wouldn’t have to pop into Slack every couple of minutes to see what’s up, my life would be better right now.” Although Google Docs did get an iPad Pro update back in March, it was half-baked — things ran at the right resolution but there was no support for Split View, meaning there was no true simultaneous multitasking. 117 more words


Amit Agarwal: How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs

Amit Agarwal is on a roll, y’all. His latest: How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime with Google Docs. “You can create your own website monitor that runs on Google servers and sends email alerts or SMS when your website goes down or is up again. 18 more words

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