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New Google Docs Updates!

“School’s in! As you settle into your classes and start to juggle soccer practice, club meetings and homework, we’re here to help. We’ve been spending the summer “break” creating new tools to help you save time, collaborate with classmates and create your best work—all for free.” Check this post for all the information.


Google adds voice dictation and other goodies to Google Docs

Welcome back to the feature war. On Wednesday, Google will unveil a spate of new functions to Google Docs including voice dictation (Google’s calling it voice typing) which should be very nifty if it works as advertised. 533 more words


Google Docs Gets Voice Typing, Templates, Smart Sheets And More

“Get ’em while they’re young” is a battle cry for every company. The younger your users are, the more you can evolve with them over time and keep them locked in to using your products. 828 more words


Co-Teaching for Rookies: Classroom Organization and Managing Details

I did not find this article prior to starting the school year, but my co-teacher and I incorporated the ideas in this article. We introduced ourselves as their two teachers, and the students still do not realize that I am the special ed teacher. 931 more words


A Gaggle of Google, Part II

A few months ago, I posted a list of links related to the Google universe. It happened to be the 100th post. Now, we’re approaching 150 posts and I thought it was time to send out another, updated list of Google items. 20 more words


10 Back to School Tips for Teachers Using Google Docs 

From “Te@chThought” on 8/14/2015

1. Collaborate with colleagues

Use Docs to collaborate with your colleagues on joint lesson plans or training materials in real-time, and to create shared calendars for cross-classroom activities. 421 more words


5 Google Sheets Settings Essential for Teamwork

More and more schools are going to Google Apps for Education.  And as the do so, they are beginning to use Docs, Slides, and Sheets as an alternative to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.   34 more words