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Google Docs - Adding special characters

Apart from the usual fonts and letters we sometimes want to add very specific characters, e.g. arrows, Greek letters, emoji, etc. Docs provides a wide range of these and they are simple to insert into your document. 821 more words

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Google Docs - Translating a document

Many people work in different languages and it’s useful to be able to translate texts quickly and also to be able to work in another language if you speak more than one. 366 more words

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Google Docs - Adding comments & suggesting

One of the great things about Google Docs is the ability to work on a document collaboratively. To aid that, collaborators can leave comments on the document, for others to action, either by just responding to the comment and by changing something on the document. 674 more words

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How To Publish Your Content From Google Docs To WordPress

Spending too much time re-formatting your blog posts? Want an easier and less time consuming way to publish your content? Check out this add on! 11 more words


Google Docs - You have to give them a try!

I would recommend Google Docs to a student who is struggling with saving their work at school and then having it not open at home or having no way to “bring” it home. 111 more words

Google Docs - Sharing, emailing & downloading

Google Docs gives you a variety ways you can share your document. Here we’ll look at:

  • Downloading a document
  • Emailing a document
    • Emailing to collaborators…
  • 593 more words
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Google Docs - the virtual homework basket!

One of the biggest battles I have with some students is getting them to remember to turn in their homework or forgetting it at school.  One student in particular was a great student, but she had so many responsibilities with helping at home when her mom was working, she was forever forgetting to take home assignments to complete. 164 more words