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The Greatest Fossilist the World Ever Knew

Mary Anning (1799-1847) – “The greatest fossilist ever known”     

Despite the fact that Mary Anning’s life has been made the subject of several books and articles, comparatively little is known about her life, and many people are unaware of her contributions to paleontology in its early days as a scientific discipline. 1,250 more words

Women Who Changed The World

Israel's Valentine's Day, Tu B'Av, Marked With Five Animated Google Doodles

Tu B’Av was a minor Jewish holiday that marked the beginning of the grape harvest. Grapes, ergo wine, so it’s no surprise that the holiday became associated with love. 394 more words

The Nostalgic Allure of ‘Synthwave’

What is it about the ’80s we find so appealing?

Despite its retro fetishism and insular network of artists, the so-called synthwave genre, a future-focused sound undeniably indebted to the pop culture of the Reagan era, is pulsing forward with a Daft Punk-meets- 755 more words

Google’s Salaam

Google pays homage to India’s “People’s President” Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam by displaying a black ribbon on its homepage. The mark of respect by Google further testifies the late Former President’s impact on the minds of the entire country, especially the youth of the nation. 76 more words


Google's Special Olympics Doodle

Google is known for their “doodles” (ones that don’t look like their normal logos used during special events.) A lot of cases its more of liberal causes, so never expect Google to do anything on 9/11, wounded warriors, or anything favoring police officers, fire fighters, etc. 221 more words


Today's Google Doodle Honors the Special Olympics

Google paid tribute to the Special Olympics on Saturday with a doodle celebrating the competition’s athletes performing activities like stretching, lifting weights, swimming and playing soccer, basketball and golf. 74 more words