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Dumbest Google Doodle yet: the Olympic "fruit games"

There seem to be other Google Doodles celebrating the Olympic Games in Rio that begin today, but the one below is what I see in Poland (click on the screenshot to go to the long animation). 330 more words


Google Doodle celebrates Karl Landsteiner's 148th birthday

If you remember your first-year biology or genetics, you may also recall the name “Landsteiner,” for it was Karl Landsteiner (1868-1943) who discovered the famous A, B, and O blood groups. 362 more words


Google Doodle celebrates avid birder Phoebe Snetsinger

Today’s animated Google Doodle celebrates the 85th birthday of Phoebe Snetsinger (1931-1999), a woman who, at age 49, was diagnosed with terminal melanoma, and decided to make the most of her remaining years by seeing as many species of birds as she could. 346 more words

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Google Doodle-The Life of Phoebe Snetsinger

Today’s Google Doodle honors the life of Phoebe Snetsinger.

From CNet by Michelle Starr:

Passionate and dedicated birder Phoebe Snetsinger, born in 1931, remains one of the world’s most prolific. 241 more words


Google Doodle: Lotte Reiniger

There are many, many articles on every Google doodle that comes out on every day, filled with facts about the important person or event that Google is featuring. 101 more words

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