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Today's Google Doodle honors the Father of Surfing

We’ll skip readers’ photos for one day as, including this post, there are already three light items for this morning (and be sure to watch… 696 more words


Mont blanc

Mont  blanc gleams on high-the power is there

The still and solemn power of many sights,

And many sounds, and much of life and death. 114 more words


Google Doodle celebrates Japanese fantasy filmmaker

Today’s interactive Google Doodle (click the screenshot below to go to the animation) involves making your own movie.

As Google explains, this interactive Doodle (which I haven’t figured out how to work, but is surely easy) is a homage to Japanese monster-and-sci-fi-movie director Eiji Tsuburaya (“Godzilla” etc.), who, had he not died, would be 114 today. 236 more words


Happy Father's Day!

Today’s incredibly cute animated Google Doodle (click on screenshot) features various animal fathers, including penguins, wolves, felids, and H. sapiens. (It’s also the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, so if you live there you might get another Doodle.) 11 more words

Google Doodles

Día de la Independencia

No me estoy convirtiendo en un tipo español.

The statement presented above converts into “No, I am not turning into a Spanish dude” and in case you speak Spanish, that probably doesn’t make sense. 83 more words


Happy Birthday, even Google remembered

I just posted the Google Doodle design and now look at what I find on Google on the morning of my birthday. This was so amazing.