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Google Doodle: John Logie Baird

Technically, the google doodle is about the 90th anniversary of the first demonstration of television, but can you imagine a title like that? I like short titles. 140 more words

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Google Doodle honors peppermeister Wilbur Scoville

Today’s Google Doodle, an animation (access it by clicking on the screenshot blow), honors the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville (1865-1942), an American chemist. In 1912, Scoville devised the “Scoville Organoleptic Test,” a way to quantify the spiciness of chile peppers. 690 more words

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Google celebrates Charles Perrault's 388th birthday with THREE gorgeous doodles

I won’t bore you with a history lesson, since dozens of other sites (including, you know, Wikipedia) do a creditable job of it. I just have to say, though, I love these all so, so much. 18 more words


Google Doodle of the Day: Charles Perrault

Happy 388th Birthday Charles Perrault!

Charles Perrault began the genre of fairy tales. Without him, we may not have the fairy tales that exist today! He was inspired to write these fairy tales from folk tales that he knew in the 1600s. 147 more words

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Google Doodle honors inventor of the fairy tale

This seems a bit anticlimactic after the slaughter in Istanbul, but I’ll draw your attention to today’s Google Doodle (click on screenshot below), for it involves felids. 366 more words

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Google Doodle: Women's Rights

Today’s Google Doodle is about a woman who stood for women’s right to vote in 1910. Her name: Alice Paul. Alice Paul was a feminist and activist in the early 1900’s, who lead the campaign in 1910 for the nineteenth amendment to be passed. 54 more words

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Google Doodle celebrates the marvelous "mountain of butterflies"

If you go to Google in the US, Mexico, and most of Western Europe and western South America (but not Canada, where they’re celebrating Simone de Beauvoir), you’ll see the screenshot below. 360 more words

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