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Te sientes mal de salud ahora puedes consultar a Google

Mas avances en la ciencia médica se presentan el día de hoy con las actualizaciones presentadas por Google y su Doctor Google, así que si te sientes mal de salud puedes consultarle sin ningún temor. 217 more words


Here's How Google Wants to Make It Easier to Treat What Ails You

Google searches of common ailments will soon include illustrated guides to treatment, the search giant said Tuesday.

The new feature, which will roll out over the course of this week, will encompass 400 of the most commonly searched medical conditions, from tonsillitis to pink eye. 69 more words

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From now on Oprah's Dr. Oz will meet it's instant online match, because Doctor Google has arrived. Google brought great news for this Winter with it's new search feature - best yet for hypochondriacs - because from now on google's search results will include (lists of) symptoms, causes, prevention or treatment options and comparisons of common ailments or diseases with illustrated guides to treatment, way to go Google :) Best regards, Pedro Calado

Google is developing a cancer and heart attack-detecting pill

Google is working on a nanoparticle pill that could identify cancers, heart attacks and other diseases before they become a problem.

The pill would contain magnetic particles approximately 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. 704 more words


Here's Why I'm Not Volunteering to Be a Guinea Pig for Google's Medical Study

Yesterday, Re/code science reporter James Temple wrote an essay saying that he would be happy to volunteer his personal data for Google’s “Baseline Study.” The argument in favor of “ 1,331 more words