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Lifehacker: Search Flickr Better With Google Images

Lifehacker: Search Flickr Better With Google Images. “At a for-profit editorial outlet like Lifehacker, when we need an image for our posts, we can’t just do a Google image search and slap up the first result. 72 more words

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Google Translate: Perks, Pitfalls, and Pointers

As every foreign language learner knows, expressing yourself (without making embarrassing mistakes) in a new language is usually far more difficult than understanding the language. 1,092 more words


Googe Images: What The Heck?

I did a Google Images search for “80s diver toy animated gif.” This was one of the higher ranked results:

What the heck, Google Images? What the heck?

Google: the Writer's Friend

If your childhood homelife was not lived in English and you’re trying to write a novel about it for a mainstream English-speaking society, how do you translate all of those comfy homey terms into something meaningful to your audience? 231 more words


The Internet Is Always Helpful

I had another wondering moment this morning. I wondered “How easy would I find an animated gif of a bear eating hot dogs in a google images search?” Pretty easy, man. 8 more words