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Pin it!

I have a post engagement confession. I’m becoming obsessed with Pinterest.

There I’ve said it; it’s out in the open. Prior to becoming ‘Mrs Hodgson to be’ I’d never used it. 610 more words

Saving images from google search using Selenium and Python

Below is a short python script that allows users to save searched images to local drive using Image search on Google. It requires Selenium as Google requires users to press the “show more results” button and the scroll bar to move all the way to the bottom of page for more images to be displayed. 1,404 more words


How do we design learning?

When we prepare to teach others, what steps do we take? What constrains our choices about how we decide to teach, in what order and manner to present different elements, whether learning is passive, active, or a mixture, and when and how to assess? 677 more words

Two Sources of Free and High Quality Legal Photos

There are two sources of legal photos that I discovered from the lessons of Jomar Hilario’s webinar every Monday evening. Finding free images of high quality is a tedious task – due to copyright issues, attribution requirements, or simply the lack of quality. 164 more words

VA Tools & Tutorials

Trauma & Dystonia

Since I developed Dystonia in 2012 my past has been dragged up by varying Drs, repeatedly. I was physically and emotionally abused as a young teen for a period of a time, with the support and help of my loving mother and friends I managed to come out of this dark time as a positive, strong person. 192 more words


Using Google Images to find reusable images

Apologies for the long time between posts, but it’s been a busy couple of months and my people have been needing me!

Next time you’re looking for an image to use from Google, set your search options to find reusable images by following this example: 456 more words


All I'm Asking For...

This is a photo edit I did on picmonkey.com

Photo credit goes to google images.

And quote credit goes to Lord Business.

Anyway, here it is. 16 more words