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Smartphone crazy Indians to give a 10X boost to digital payment industry in next four years

Digital payments may be new to India, but the industry is set to grow tenfold in the next four years, thanks to the craze for smartphones. 264 more words

గూగుల్ ఫాదర్స్ డే గిఫ్ట్.. "ద హీరో"

గూగుల్ ఫాదర్స్ డే గిఫ్ట్.. “ద హీరో”

ప్రముఖ సెర్చింజిన్ గూగుల్ భారతీయులకు ఫాదర్స్ డే కానుకనిచ్చింది. ఊహ తెలిసినప్పటి నుంచి మనం రకరకాలుగా కలలు కంటాం. యాక్టర్ అవ్వాలనో..పోలీస్ అవ్వాలనో..డాక్టర్ అవ్వాలనో..అయితే అనుకోని అవాంతరాలు అడ్డోచ్చి ఆ కలలు కలలుగానే మిగిలిపోతాయి….…..Read More……….

That Dress!

The second in the series is such a famous one that it is often referred to as “THAT DRESS”. We are talking about the black Versace dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore when she accompanied Hugh Grant to the premiere of  381 more words

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No Revenue Earned From Content Uploaded by Centre: Google to Delhi High Court

Google Inc Wednesday told the Delhi High Court it has not earned any revenue out of the agreement with the government or any other monetary benefit from content uploaded on the YouTube platform under the deal. 366 more words

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YAYYYYYY!! Finally, we can say it’s snowing in Delhi; & not just in winter season but all the year around.. Yes guys, you heard it right !! 384 more words

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Google Remains Most Attractive Employer in India, Says Randstad

Google India remained as the most attractive employer in the country followed by Mercedes-Benz in the second place, according to leading human resource consultancy Randstad. 256 more words

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