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Will Google Lunar X Prize Missions to the Moon Dispel Apollo Hoax Claims?

Dr. John L. Reizer

According to the website GIZMODO, a privately funded German Space exploration team is planning to set down a robotic device on the moon in 2017. 522 more words


The Antarctic and Outer Space Treaties after the Cold War: Are They Still Valid?

The two separate treaty regimes—The Antarctic Treaty of 1960 and the Outer Space Treaty of 1967—worked relatively well in the context of the Cold War environment between World War II and about 1990. 540 more words


Five teams cleared for X Prize moon race

The organizers of the Google Lunar X Prize competition confirmed that five teams have been cleared to go after the $20 million grand prize, and doled out a total of $1 million to all 16 teams that entered. 44 more words


Moon Express' moonshot is 'go with funding'

An executive at Moon Express has been widely quoted as saying his company has reached its funding goal for this year’s planned commercial mission to the lunar surface, thanks to $20 million in new investment. 130 more words


Moon Express raises $20M in Series B-1, fully funds trip to the Moon

Moon Express, a company competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize, has raised $20 million in a Series B-1 round and announced that they’ve now fully financed their maiden mission to the moon. 702 more words


XPRIZE clears Japanese mission to the moon

The rocketeers on Japan’s Team Hakuto say they’ve gotten the Google Lunar XPRIZE’s seal of approval on its plans for a mission to the moon. 132 more words


German X Prize team announces launch contract

WASHINGTON — A German team competing for the Google Lunar X Prize said Nov. 29 that it has signed a contract to launch its lander, carrying two rovers, by late 2017. 603 more words

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