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XPRIZE resurrects commercial moon race

Less than a week after the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize officially expired, its organizers say they’re relaunching it as a non-cash competition to put a privately funded lander on the moon. 173 more words


XPRIZE confirms no one will win moon race

The organizers for the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize competition acknowledged today that the award for a commercially funded lunar landing will go unwon, despite a decade’s worth of work. 110 more words


Moon ambitions get a reality check — and a boost

Who’s going to the moon? The prospects are looking dimmer for any commercial lunar landings in the short term — but Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’  97 more words


Google Lunar X Prize Deadline Passes Without Trip to the Moon

By Gina Flores


We promised our readers last February 8, 2017 that we would write a followup post in January, 2018 about an original article we published concerning the Google Lunar X Prize. 251 more words


Japanese Startup ispace Raises $90M, Aims to Take Men Back to the Moon

Donald Trump isn’t the only person who wants humans to return to the moon.

ispace, a Japanese lunar exploration startup, wants to provide regular transportation and data service for future moon travelers. 441 more words


XPRIZE teams get more time for moonshots

The Google Lunar XPRIZE finalists now have $4.75 million more to shoot for with the moon missions they’re planning, and more time to shoot for the moon as well. 192 more words


Moon Express unveils its lunar roadmap

Moon Express has laid out the plan it intends to follow to send probes to the surface of the moon and start bringing lunar samples back to Earth by 2020. 94 more words