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Google Maps is no longer directing racists to the White House

Earlier this week, it was discovered that certain offensive search queries on Google Maps were pointing users in the direction of U.S. landmarks, including the White House… 217 more words


Google Maps knows where you are

If you type in Google Maps your name, it will show where you are located most of the time. It worked for me. Scary…

Turns out Google Maps isn't racist - we are

Remember when we realised on Wednesday that typing ‘n***a house’ on Google brought up the White House?

That was pretty awkward, wasn’t it.

No-one could quite explain how it happened, and Google finally spoke out yesterday. 126 more words


An uber Lagos experience almost from hell.

I hate weddings.

As a rule I never attend weddings, but this was one that I just had to attend. Yet it seemed that the gods, petrol scarcity and my Uber driver were determined I was not going to break my self-imposed rule. 395 more words

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Google Maps 9.9 Brings Native Maps to Android Wear; Upcoming Update Detailed

This week, with the Google Maps 9.9 update, the search engine giant has silently rolled out native Maps app for Android Wear devices, alongside translucent status bar and other features. 347 more words


Google Maps Finds Solution For Shocking Racist Results


How often do we use Google Maps while traversing through foreign cities?

This week, a Washington Post reader discovered that typing in “n****r house” in Google Maps’ global view leads to the White House. 401 more words

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Google Will Retool Its Maps Service To Prevent Racist Listings

Google has confirmed that it is making changes to its Google Maps service to stop racist terms and other inappropriate words from displaying location search results. 310 more words