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Explore our solar neighborhood with Google Maps

By Stafford Marquardt, Product Manager

 Twenty years ago, the Cassini spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral on a journey to uncover the secrets of Saturn and its many moons. 182 more words



An Electronic fly
with LED eyes
kept me awake
with its constant beeping
and buzzing

When my WiFi peaked
so did my electronic fly
when my Bluetooth hurt… 128 more words


Is 'alien UFO' seen near Area 51 a firing range used to test top-secret weapons?

The merest mention of a strange sighting at a secret military test base is enough to set internet conspiracy theorists aquiver.

Now UFO hunters are struggling to explain why a strange structure shaped like an ‘ 420 more words


Pictures show construction of object shaped like 'alien UFO' near Area 51

The sighting of a bizarre ‘object’ near Area 51 sent UFO hunters into a frenzy this week.

Now we can shed new light on the history of the site where a strange shape resembling an ‘alien ship’ was… 656 more words


How Google Maps Could Be Making It Harder for Women to Find Abortion Clinics

Patients seeking abortions may be misled by Google Maps in many parts of the U.S, according to a Gizmodo investigation.

Pro-life groups offering “abortion alternatives” have been using Google Maps to reach women who plan to terminate a pregnancy by classifying themselves as “women’s health centers” and… 587 more words


Open letter to all business owners

Dear business owner,

As you might have noticed while observing every life around you these days, quite a few of the phenomena that have become extremely popular among a large part of the population (obviosuly including a sizeable chunck of your customers) are focused on sharing things – more often than not online. 559 more words

This Is How I See It

Mysterious 'death circle' spotted outside military base near Area 51

The sighting of a bizarre object near Area 51 sent UFO hunters into a frenzy this week.

Now a mysterious ‘death circle’ has been glimpsed a few miles away from… 321 more words