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The Seventy Year Cycle Killer

Kal Thompson knew he was very unpopular with the passengers and crew of the cruise ship Norwegian Gem. It couldn’t be helped.

Another gorgeous Summer day in Nassau, but the yellow crime scene tape wasn’t part of the tourist attraction. 208 more words

Short Story

They Just aren't the Same

I’m spending the day doing hand-built detailed elevation profiles for the Mississippi River ride on a website called GPS Visualizer.  Both RidewithGPS and the Google Maps API will automatically create profiles from a route, but for the reason I will explain here I find them about useless for anything other than quick general info. 257 more words

Ride With GPS

GPS Is Hurting Our Brains

We all use GPS these days. Some of us just to find a new spot we’re heading to, some of us use it to get traffic updates, and some people just use it to see if they can beat the “arrival time” estimate. 137 more words


That's A Lot Of Views

How funny, after yesterday’s post about how many views my pictures have had on Google Maps look what pops up on my Timehop this morning, this time last year I had 30.000 views :-)

Every Day Stuff

Google allows users to share their locations in mapping app

The location-sharing feature is aimed at helping people find each other in crowded places, such as concerts and conferences, and users will retain control over who they share their whereabouts with and for how long, said Google executive Jen Fitzpatrick, who leads Google Maps. 13 more words


News AU: Relying on Google Maps got this woman stranded in the Grand Canyon for five days

I’m looking forward to the time when we’re talking about Google Maps and its problems as much as we talk about Google Adwords and ITS problems. 109 more words

Around The Search & Social Media World

Looking forward to this feature in Google Maps

For me, the ability to share your location in Google maps has been a long awaited feature.  When I am traveling and want to share my ETA with family or plan to meet someone somewhere, I currently use Glympse. 181 more words