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Online Marketing - How To Utilize Google Maps & Google Plus

http://www.nextevolutiononline.com  –  This is a brief tutorial on how to utilize your Google Maps and Google Plus accounts so that your business benefits the most from them.

Top 20 Cycling Cities Around the World

Bikes are economical, environmentally friendly, and a healthy means of transportation. Sadly, not all cities have the infrastructure to support safe or efficient cycling. For those who are curious, or for those who wish to move to such a place, this map shows the top ranked bike-friendly cities. 49 more words

Pinterest of "21 Steps" by Charles Cumming

The awareness of being stalked is a fearful experience, especially when your life is endangered. In the interactive story, “21 Steps”, Charles Cumming highlights a regular man who stumbles upon a thrilling adventure that he unravels. 209 more words

How To Use Google Maps OFFLINE! 

My biggest pet-peeve while traveling is losing my Internet connection! While traveling is very frustrating at times, when you’re relying on your phone to tell you where to go and you have no signal, it makes it even more infuriating. 208 more words


the mind loves the unknown

top: University of Illinois parking lot – Chicago


Venice, Italy

Hong Kong

It’s true that I use Google Earth and Street View a lot, and it’s also true that I have an antiquated and very slow graphics card in a PC of mine. 103 more words


Physically tracking people using their cloud service accounts

Nobody likes being tracked. Still, most people store a detailed account of their movements on their phones, often shared with multiple apps. If you can get access to some of these user accounts you can track their whereabouts down to a relatively detailed level. 629 more words


Mapping Mini-Parks

A few years ago, Google got me hooked on its Maps program. I’m a bit of an avid hiker you see, and one evening, while planning my route along a trail I hoped to be on the next day, I noticed a business of some sort located in the middle of the wide expanse of open space park. 644 more words

Normal Heights