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The New Mainstream: Music Streaming

By Eashan Reddy Kotha

Sure, a few of us may be able to recall the last time we played a song on CD. Even fewer could say the last time they listened to a vinyl LP was just last weekend. 683 more words


The Wonky "T"

The “T” key on my laptop is wonky. I’ve tried everything to fix it, save for Krazy Glue. My last resort is going to the Apple store and see if they can fix it, but I’m not quite prepared to be that person who walks into the Apple store because I can’t fix a key on my laptop. 1,015 more words


Big Tech’s Latest Artist Relations Debacle: Mass Filings of NOIs to Avoid Paying Statutory Royalties (Part 2) — Music Tech Solutions

As noted in Part 1 of this post, Google, Amazon and others are filing what are reportedly “millions” of “address unknown” NOIs with the U.S. Copyright Office to avoid paying royalties on songs like “Fragile (Live” by Sting, even if they have licensed “Fragile” the album versions.  

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In A Goolag State Of Mind

Google Music Store For Android: Features, Tips & Tricks

Google Inc. has officially announced the new and much-anticipated online music-download store at its Android event in Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon after over a year of negotiations with multiple record labels. 288 more words

Google Music

Amazon reportedly planning standalone subscription streaming music service for later this year

Reuters reports that Amazon is preparing to take on Google, Apple, Spotify and the other music streaming services with a similar, full-fledged competitive subscription music service. 272 more words

Finding Podcasts

If any of you use the Google Music app, you may have noticed a certain update recently. This update has given us, the users, Podcasts!! Finally, I don’t have to rely on SoundCloud or resort to iTunes (ew) to listen. 452 more words


Weekly Wrap-Up: April 16, 2016

Well, friends, I am going to take a page from Tim Ferriss’ playbook. I subscribe to Tim’s “5-bullet Friday” email and it’s gold. The concept is awesome, so I want to jump in and play with this concept and see what evolves. 257 more words

Weekly Wrap-Up