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Ny grym design till Google Music

Jag har länge använt mig av tjänsten Google Music. Mycket tack vare att man kan ladda upp sin egen musik direkt i molnet och har det kvar när man använder mobilen et cetera, men också för att jag tycker att gränssnittet är bättre och allt går snabbare. 154 more words


Google Play Music Is Now an Even Better Spotify Alternative

Google Music’s storage locker powers is one of the biggest differentiators between Google Music and key competitors like Spotify. Instead of relying entirely on the collection that Google has specifically licensed, you can supplement it by uploading your entire collection from your computer, and then stream or download that music to virtually any device that’s connected to the internet. 10 more words


ARM-based Chromebooks Can Now Upload To Google Play Music

I really enjoy days when I wake up to good news, and this morning was one of those days. While browsing through articles on the Android Central app, I saw the following article titled… 202 more words


Google Music

A while ago, I posted of my frustration with Google Music when it refused to download my tracks. Well, I did some digging around and found that someone had written an… 90 more words


That's What Country Is

Sunday morning found me going through my emails and idly flicking through the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.  I rediscovered my love for country music about a year ago.   232 more words


Out for a bit today

Blythe : Took a little trip to Blythe today looked around a bit, did some shopping and snap up some internet time from McD’s. Wanted to sync my music with Google music but I have about 6 gigs so I didn’t want to do that on my bandwidth. 83 more words


YouTube enters the world of music streaming: Spotify move over!

YouTube recently launched its much anticipated music streaming service a few weeks ago called YouTube Music. There’s no additional website or app to access the services, its still YouTube but just  with an additional tab to access the music streaming service.  362 more words