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London Attack:Even they Face It

In our day to day life, many people come across who boast about the flaws in our government and say that our security system is very much ancient without much modification like that of Western Countries. 271 more words


Google: More news in Google News & Weather

From Google: More news in Google News & Weather. “The world of news is broad, deep and ever-changing. The News & Weather app shows the top three stories from various sections on its Home page, but beneath this surface lie many more informative and engaging stories. 46 more words

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It’s A Mystery: Google Can Do a Barrel Roll, but it Can’t Do Without Flash

Gmail, Reader, and the rest of the Google Apps family aren’t the only Google products that have recently gotten a major facelift. Two days ago my Google Analytics account was upgraded to the new look, and on loading it for the first time I was somewhat stunned to find that Google Analytics still uses Flash for interactive charts and other widgets. 188 more words

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Exoplanets Discovery

Turns out it’s not just some dust in the telescope, NASA team members have spotted seven Earth-sized exoplanets orbiting around a nearby star. Google has changed its Doodle, featuring the seven planets making an adorable introduction on the Earth’s telescope to mark this shattering discovery. 50 more words

Growing your agency with retainer-based relationships

How agencies can use marketing automation to create profitable growth

Uncover some of the secrets behind building successful, ongoing relationships with clients — including leveraging marketing automation. 56 more words

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How to write PPC text ads in 2017’s sophisticated environment

I’ve been in the paid search industry for a nearly a decade. A lot has changed since I first learned how to write a simple ad with a 25-character headline and two 35-character description lines. 1,419 more words

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