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Recent Developments with Source of Hope Foundation

In October 2011, Source of Hope Foundation announced a partnership between itself, Mercy Corps, and Google.org. The joint project led to the creation of the… 154 more words

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Google.org announces $250,000 in grants for the Flint, Michigan water crisis

Google’s charitable arm is today announcing several grants and donations aimed at helping the residents of Flint, Michigan respond to their ongoing water crisis. With a total amount of $250,000, the funds will be used to pay several local researchers and address health concerns connected with drinking the poisoned water. 305 more words


Google offers $20M funding to 29 non-profits developing tech to help disabled people

Google’s philanthropic arm, Google.org, has announced $20M in funding spread across 30 non-profits that are developing technology to assist disabled people. The projects range from 3D-printed prosthetic limbs through smartglasses for the blind to a low-cost way to convert standard wheelchairs into powered ones. 221 more words


$1 million grant from Google.org

Miraclefeet has been granted $1 million to further its technology platform, including the brace, an SMS system providing tailored medical messages to parents (amazing), patient data, brace sensors to monitor brace compliance, and other resources. 32 more words


Medic Mobile locks $1 million grant to help community health workers in the developing world

Tech nonprofit Medic Mobile has attained $1 million in unrestricted grant funding from the Peery Foundation for apps that help health workers deliver care to people who lack reasonable access to doctors and hospitals. 404 more words