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Google patents holograms for eye-wearable Glass

Google has filed a patent application to use holograms on its eye-wearable device Google Glass that will improve the augmented reality experiences that allows computer-generated imagery (CGI) to interact with the real world. 6 more words


Google bought 28% of patents offered to it in anti-troll initiative, paid average of $150k

Google has announced the results of an experimental initiative to buy tech patents and license them at fair rates in order to prevent them falling into the hands of patent trolls. 236 more words


Google's new patent plan: how it will and won't help startups

Google is giving away patents to startups. Some in the tech press said the plan, which will see 50 young companies receive two patents apiece, will help them fight patent trolls. 987 more words


The New Google Patents

The new Google Patents allow users to search for full-text patent grants and applications form the USPTO, EPO, WIPO DPMA, CIPO and SIPO. Foreign language patents can be translated to English, allowing you to search foreign patent documents. 43 more words


Google Patents Chucky the Killer Doll, but Disguised as a Teddy Bear


If you haven’t seen the 80s cult classic horror film Chucky, allow me to be your professor in crappy (but awesome) cinema. Chucky is a movie that revolves around a murdering sentient doll that had a serial killer’s soul transferred into it via a voodoo ritual. 987 more words


Google Patents for contact lens that can scan your Iris

Google’s love for contact lenses is never ending. The search engine giant has already done considerable work on contact lenses and their use in health applications. 216 more words


Google files patent for smart teddy bear that would watch, listen to users

TORONTO – If you’re at all squeamish about movies characters like “Chucky,” a recent patent filing from Google could very well be the stuff of nightmares. 409 more words