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Kerouac to Duchamp New Poem and Readymade Image Collage

I entered the Alician rabbit hole
channelling Kerouac
travelled a decade
and I can’t go back
Rrose Selavy c’est la vie
emerging different person
Dr. Who change made… 278 more words

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New Author Page Needs Some Blog Love!

Sojourner McConnell has increased her writing over the last months and will be releasing at least 1 new book by May 2017. With that in mind, an author page just for her work alone has been created.  354 more words


Social Media Marketing

I wanted to touch on the topic of Social Media Marketing. With so many different ways to market your blog/website leveraging the power of social media is one way you can raise your readers and customer base in a very strong way, however getting started without any previous experience can be challenging. 519 more words

Internet Marketing

Why Google+ Failed And What We Can Learn From It

Most people under the age of thirty-five reminisce about social networks the way their parents giggle about half-forgotten TV shows. MySpace and Friendster, once Hollywood gets around to making nostalgic teen comedies set in the dot-com era, will be easy punchlines. 654 more words

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Reconsider Google+

As we all know Google likes to cater your searches and ads to your previous interests. Because of this currently it’s an interesting challenge as marketing professionals try to find the balance to get the best SEO results. 363 more words


Analysis: Target

My initial reaction to the new and improved Google+ site was that they were shooting for a generally young target. This is due to the very apparent similarity to Pinterest, a social media platform focused on a younger generation that looks VERY SIMILAR to Google+, and even the user interface feels the same (read more about their comparisons on my blog post… 376 more words