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Sniffing Out Scientific Papers

There’s a lot of information about dog behaviour on the internet, but not all of it is good. Learning how to find scientific papers can help you fact-check claims and avoid following bad advice. 746 more words

Science Communication

Highlighting the Benefits of E-learning Products

E-learning  can  be  defined  as  a  form  of  learning  or  education  where  the  medium  of  instruction  is  computer  technology.

Universities  and  colleges  around  the  world  use  e-learning  products  for  long-distance  courses  where  students  rarely  attend  the  campus  as  studying  takes  place  mainly  on  the  Internet.  707 more words


The Academic Struggle: Finding sources

“Oh hell no, we’re not doing that again. I will not go googling my symptoms again. We know what happened last time. I never want to see symptomchecker.com on the address bar ever again, OK? 365 more words

Yes,Research is Often Flawed

I will answer their question for them with two different opinions.  One is, I was taught when I got my Bachelor’s degree in psychology that all of psychology is really theory.  213 more words

#FunTechTips - How To Search For More School-related Work On The Internet

If you’ve ever felt like the entire Internet just doesn’t seem to have all the information you need to help with a particular class assignment, case study or project research, let’s see a raise of hands? 95 more words


Be a smarter Googler

So it’s pretty easy to search Google, hey? Simply ask Googs what zero divided by zero is (which was the most asked question in 2015… 253 more words

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Geezers, geysers and Google

Recently we were given advanced warning that the neighbouring streets to our place of work were to be temporarily closed and echo with the sound of fake gun fire for the filming of a movie provisionally titled the Golden Circle. 586 more words