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Google applies right to be forgotten more broadly


Google applies right to be forgotten more broadly

Google is in the context of the right to be forgotten also remove results of its international page.

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Ant - Raymond Inkabi

Ant wants to be a soldier ant, and not train little baby ants how to fill the barns with grains. He had no choice, he had no choice, and he did it, for he had no choice. 13 more words

Raymond Inkabi

Imprints - Raymond Inkabi

This piece will be the first this year on my blog. I have been on the other side of me, imprinting. Though, as much as I do not want to, I owe this duty to myself. 503 more words

Raymond Inkabi

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Google Update

Google Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP)  initiative  was Launched on October 7, 2015, with the primary objective of delivering faster-loading mobile web pages and thereby improve the mobile web user experience (and the Google search experience). 424 more words

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[Star Wars] Google Easter Egg


Google has an awesome treat for all the Star Wars fans :)

Open up Google Chrome and enter the following query in URL bar – “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and see the magic. 46 more words

RIP, Yahoo Directory

Yahoo has closed down one of the most historic and prominent sites in the history of the internet. Once thought of as the Google of the internet, the directory is no longer to be found.  707 more words


To answer the question: Why do Nigerians use so many big words to seemingly say so little? For most people, the way Nigerians speak today provides a window into the role they play in a perpetually unstable and globalized chaotic system: One part of this problem glaringly obvious is that the speech remains superficial, albeit […]


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