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Google: We Penalizes Egregious Link Manipulation; Otherwise Ignores The Link

As you know, Google treats links from spammy sites vs unnatural links differently. But Google also treats different types of unnatural links differently as well. Unnatural links that are classified as “egregious link manipulation” would likely penalize a site whereas other links that are unnatural are likely just ignored by Google. 111 more words

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Emoji SEO: Can You Rank For Emoji-Based Searches?

Introducing TF-IDF in WebSite Auditor

Stay relevant in the era of semantic search: get algorithmic keyword ideas to boost your pages’ relevance and rankings. Download WebSite Auditor for free… 1,113 more words

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How to Make Google your Home Page and Default Search Engine in Edge

Edge is the new browser in Windows 10. Edge uses MSN.com as the home page and Bing as it’s search engine. Maybe this is not your cup of tea. 118 more words

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How To Get Started With App Store SEO

If you’re a digital marketing veteran, you already know about search engine optimization (SEO) and how it can attract more traffic to your site—even if you’re not well versed in the specific tactics necessary to get there. 562 more words

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How SEO is Like Baseball

Baseball Spring Training is in full swing (pun intended) meaning the start of the season is just around the corner.

Baseball and the long, warm days of summer lead to an annual American tradition of excitement and recreation for thousands of fans. 1,635 more words

Thank You, Google! You guys ROCK!

I have said many a time that
Google is your Friend
and I will gladly
say it again
Google is your Friend… 159 more words


A Major Google Update On March 30th? I Don't Think So.

Late last week, most of the automated tracking tools that monitor the Google search results fluctuation reported huge spikes and changes in the Google rankings. Often that would symbolize that there was an algorithm update at Google but this time, I don’t think so. 226 more words

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