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Google Blacklists Natural News!

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Borrowing a page from the book burning of Nazi fascists, Google has removed the ENTIRE NaturalNews.com website from its index, “memory holing” 140,000+ pages that helped people prevent disease, improve their health and avoid toxic chemicals.


Power Searching with Google: 5 Awesome Tips

  1. Searching for Image Results by Color – Wow! After all of these years, spending hours trying to find the right images for presentations, flyers, etc, I now know of this amazing feature.
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Reiki energy

Years ago, I became interested in Reiki…so many years ago, I don’t even remember to be quite honest.

I also worked two full time jobs so I was always busy with my pets and keeping up with my house cleaning, laundry, errands during the work week and on my days off. 667 more words


How to Search: Google Offers Free Online Classes

Everyone knows how to do a simple Google search, but do you know how to read pages in languages you’ve never studied or track down the location of a friend’s picture they took on vacation ages ago? 22 more words


Google Also Competes For Its Own AdRank

Google and its sibling companies at Alphabet collectively bid on thousands of keywords in AdWords. That has been going on for years. The search giant has said its ad buying does not “directly inflate” pricing for other advertisers because “advertisers are charged as if it wasn’t bidding.” However, that’s not quite accurate. 508 more words


London's top clubs leaving global footprint

The three biggest football clubs in London, Chelsea F.C., Arsenal F.C. and Tottenham Hotspur F.C. each are making a splash in the global search world. 201 more words

Super Bowl, World Cup or Champions League? Which is a bigger deal?

Which event is more widely talked about: the Super Bowl, the biggest game in American football, The UEFA Champions League, Europe’s top club football competition, or the World Cup, a football tradition that encompasses the whole globe? 187 more words