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Google app for iOS gets support for AMP and keyboard shortcuts

Google launched an updated version of its Google app for iOS today. Typically, these are minor updates, but today’s version brings a couple of interesting new features to the app. 256 more words


The Most Commonly Misspelled Word in Every State, According to Google

With features like autocorrect and spell check built into our computers, we can learn how to spell any word almost instantly. But that hasn’t stopped us from using Google. 57 more words

Google Now Handles At Least 2 Trillion Searches Per Year

How many searches per year happen on Google? After nearly four years, the company has finally released an updated figure today of “trillions” per year. How many trillions, exactly, Google wouldn’t say. 843 more words


Desktop Google Search redesign places Knowledge Graph results inline, displays links in cards

Google appears to be A/B testing a new look for desktop search results.  The redesign takes many cues from mobile and places search results in individual cards. 257 more words


Authors Answer 81 - Google Search Visibility

Google, the most important search engine on the entire internet, and authors want to be on it. They want to be the first search item listed when their name is searched. 897 more words


Google now likewise permits you to pursuit utilizing emoji characters

You can now 🔍 utilizing Google to locate your most loved emoji results. Whether you adore 🍿 or 🍩 or you’re on the sound side and love 🍎, you can hunt down them on Google now. 93 more words

2016, May 16 - Google Search Unable to Send Suggestions BUG

2016, May 16 – Google Search Unable to Send Suggestions BUG
Google Photos URL:
This video I made to show how easy all websites can integrate qSnap screen shot tool to their website & from there it will be very easy to report Bugs and Give Suggestions.With Screen shots and Video it`s easier to troubleshoot any problem, together with Google Photos, You Tube & Hangouts it`s a Complete Smart Troubleshooting Solution ! 215 more words