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Week 6: Half way through GSoC! :)

To satisfy the half way journey, there have been several things so far.
But this week I have come across too many exciting things :D… 72 more words


Mid Term, Already! :D

Here it goes, the mid week for the Summer of Code program! Woah! :D

Look forward to more knowledge, more experience, and more feel good. 67 more words


searchQuick Apprise: THREE #GoogleSummerOfCode #FOSSASIA

The intended “searchQuick” (sQuick) is an application to enable a user to search a set of books or texts, like an encyclopedia, or some other topical book collection offline built in the open source platform Pharo 4.0. 301 more words


A new collections dialog for Documents

This summer, as a Google Summer of Code Project,  I’m working on implement a new collections pattern for Documents. Let’s discuss the changes made so far! 205 more words


Ban USB devices from the ports

An USB device has some descriptors and based on them we could find out information about that connected device.

But here comes a problem, what if a device tells us it is what he is not (like a HID device). 140 more words

Google Summer Of Code

[GSoC 2015] Community Bonding

Hola amigos,

Google Summer of Code results were announced on 27th April, 2015 and I was one of the selected students. After the results the “Community Bonding” period starts till 25th May, 2015. 1,305 more words

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GSoC '15 - Week #1

I’ve already blogged about my proposal to KDE getting selected in the list of accepted projects in this term’s Google Summer of Code[0] and that’s obviously something that I’m really excited about. 315 more words