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Game Uses Google Trends Data

TechCrunch has a story about Trendquiz, a game using Google Trends data. “A simple site called trendquiz uses Google Trends data to quiz you on whether you can pick out what the trend line is, and it gives you two options to choose from.”


Trendquiz Is A Super Addictive Game Using Google Trends Data

I’m a fan of Google Trends. Whenever a new meme pops up or some major news breaks, I head there to check how interested people are in said information and whether they’ve been interested all along, when it got really hot…and when it became not. 127 more words


Google Trends as an analytical tool: a discussion of the novelty of modern methods.

By Adrienne Kinman

Google Trends, which is becoming quite a trend itself, is beginning to penetrate the scientific community. It is being used to analyze global patterns of search volume and content. 775 more words


What #PrayForParis can teach you about keywords

When a tragedy happens, the world searches. People now turn to their phones and laptops to find out the latest in whatever the media is covering that day. 330 more words


Go Native: The rise of mobile video

Native advertising is one of those buzz words that just isn’t going away. It first featured on Google Trends in January 2012 and has been picking up steam ever since. 519 more words

Thought Leadership

Iphone vs. Android

I chose to compare the social media buzz between Iphones and Androids. I will be comparing these two brands by using Klout, Good Search Trends, and Twazzup to analyze the influence and social media presence across different social media platforms. 633 more words

Nike vs. Adidas

After analyzing data from three different websites including Twazzup, Klout, and Google Trends, it has been determined that Nike is significantly more popular than Adidas. The data found from these sites are included below. 240 more words