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Capitalizing on Google Trends for Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been seeing a monumental rise in popularity over the past five years, fueled by the fact that people like experts. Brands and companies that give away valuable information about their domain to their target audience gain credibility. 383 more words

Content Marketing Strategy

New Academic Research: ECB predicts stock market using social data

The European Central Bank just released a research report that might be of some interest to readers of this blog. It turns out that… 307 more words

Stock Market

Nature smacks down Beyoncé. Will Kim be next?


Trend watchers announced that Nature may finally have begun a long hoped for comeback. In a development that caught the world off guard, last week Nature surged past Beyoncé in the well respected… 182 more words


5 Google Tools That Ever Business Should Be Using

Did you miss our latest Bytes & Bites, 5 Google Tools That Ever Business Should Be Using? Here are some insights about a few Google tools that can help any business encourage potential clients. 275 more words


The iPod is outperforming the Apple Watch - in Google searches, as new iPods debut, ten months after Apple Watch was unveiled

”It’s hard to believe, but people care more about the veteran iPod than the brand new Apple Watch,” Ananya Bhattacharya reports for CNN. “A search on Google Trends comparing five of Apple’s products– iPod, Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch– reveals that people are searching for the Watch far less than any of the other Apple products.” 438 more words


 TERRACOTTA STRINGS: Say “poetry is dead” again mother****! I dare you.

That old snake “poetry is dead” has reared its ugly head again. I say we socially assassinate the next person to use it. I say ‘use it’ as opposed to ‘says it’ because I believe poetry is the victim here. 997 more words