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Polar Vortex Dominates the Midwest,Forcing Schools to Close Down

By: Esther Ma

Low temperatures hit the Midwest at more than 20 degrees below zero at the end of January. The low temperatures are potentially life-threatening to the Midwest.   255 more words

The Inauguration of Nancy Pelosi Beats Donald Trump in Searches

While it may seem hard to believe, there has been one day this year when Trump wasn’t the most important thing on the internet. On January 3rd, 2019, … 198 more words

Oregon Tops List for Anti-Vax Searches

Over the past 12 months, the residents of the state of Oregon have collectively googled the term “anti-vaxx” more than any other state. They win this title by a wide margin behind the runner-up states: Michigan, Tennessee, Arizona and North Carolina. 79 more words

Analysis of Google Trends: Blackface and its recent correlation with politics

Recent Blackface Controversy

A third of Americans say that wearing blackface as a Halloween costume is okay, a recent Pew Research Center poll says. The poll was conducted shortly after a photo of Gov. 372 more words

iOS Updates Have Been Slowing Down Your iPhone

Maybe you’ve noticed your iPhone running slowly after a new iOS update. It turns out that you weren’t the only one experiencing this. In fact when we examine Google Trends data, there are massive spikes by users searching the term “iphone slow” when Apple releases a new iPhone operating system. 112 more words


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Digital Cameras:

I’m a photographer, and lately, I’ve expanded my repertoire to different photographic techniques, but I’m always looking at the advancements in technology, which impacts how I take my photos. 377 more words


Tamping Machine market analysis, overview, manufacturers and trends forecast to 2023

A tamping machine or a ballast tamper is a machine used in construction and maintainence of a railway track. To track or pack the ballast under railway tracks or to make the tracks more reliable and durable, a… 346 more words

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