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Last call. Dernière heure. French. Election. Française

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Version Française

Ben, j’avions voté. 834 more words


Google Trends

One of the most undervalued yet best tools for tracking trending content and topics across the Internet, Google Trends looks at the trends in Google searches around the world. 93 more words

Newest Platform

Trends or fads? --- Marketing strategy analysis on L’Oréal's hair dye products

Beauty products make us feel good about ourselves. We all want to own the most beautiful shades to make our eyelids shine, own the best lipsticks to make our lips glow, and the best hair color to make sure we have the perfect look. 466 more words

iPhone or Android?

Nowadays, society is separated into two segments, iPhone users and Android users. But which of those is more popular? Google Trends always has the answer: 62 more words

Google Trends

Fair stood the wind for France*

This coming Sunday, April 23rd, the French will vote for the Presidential election. Us Frogs who live in the Americas will vote on Saturday to allow for the time difference. 1,992 more words


What Is Google Trends and How To Interpret Its Data

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google and it gives you a good graphical overview of the top searches by topics, keywords, locations, over periods of time specified by you, e.g. 337 more words

Google Trends

Using Google Trends to Find the Hot New Specialty Leasing Concepts

Every year, in specialty leasing, there’s a new fad that everyone seems to want to jump on board for.  If you’re in specialty leasing like me, you’ve probably been getting a TON of requests from business owners wanting to adopt Fidget Toys.   692 more words

New Concepts