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Google Feud - Guess Google Trends

Introducing Google Feud, an online game to test your Google Trends skills. This game will show you a query which you’ll need to guess ten ways google would autocomplete that, based on the newest google trends. 32 more words

Google Trends

Why is porn so popular?

According to google trends, porn is (and has been since 2004) one of the most searched topics on google. 47 more words

Google Trends

Using Google Trends to evaluate your communications

While measuring the impact of your communications on a small budget is often a challenge, some of the best evaluation tools are free.

One that is well worth using is… 385 more words

What Google trends reveal about Vietnamese people?

Someone said clicking through Google Trends feels like tapping the world’s consciousness. There’s no posturing because people query Google without shame as if no one is watching. 432 more words


What's trending?

This week in PR Writing, we learned ways to use Google search trends on anything searched in the Google box, called “Google Trends.” Google Trends is helpful because you can see the amount of inquiries on a certain search you are looking for. 261 more words


Google Tools for Journalists

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, racking up roughly 1.6 billion visitors every month. Some people argue that Google knows more about us than the government does. 667 more words

Blogging For SEO: How To Write Great Blogs

It’s absolutely important to build a steady business relationship with the people visiting your pages. Once you succeed in it, the traffic to your website will increase by leaps and bounds. 651 more words

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