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Interest in spousal gifts: a data science project

Trying to think about whether husbands or wives are in general more romantic is difficult, simply because there are many different aspects of romance. So I have chosen to take “buying gifts” as a proxy for romance and, in particular, to look at… 368 more words

On Ibn Khaldoun and Comte (out of the clear blue sky)

Turkish politics in recent years has become like a volcano that is constantly grumbling and spewing gases and dust and that can erupt anytime, creating a big tremor with a lot of pain and destruction afterwards. 561 more words


Keys to Getting a Million Views for Your Site

Bloggers/Writers/Entrepreneurs, take note. If you want to up your A game and reach seven digits with your total number of site views, take a few minutes and read this excellent piece by… 188 more words

The Best of the Bestiary: literature's most popular mythical creatures

Lately, I’ve been craving a magical encounter. (Am I alone?)

Luckily, I have books on my shelf that can satisfy. All together,  they’re the makings of a literary menagerie, and while I’m reading, I’m at-one with the magical world and all its creatures. 1,458 more words