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Bing Ads rolls out scheduling for ad extensions

The option to show extensions during store hours or time-sensitive promotions is available in all markets.

Advertisers can now choose when to show certain ad extensions in Bing Ads. 116 more words

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Google's Position on Crawl Budget


  • Crawl budget is something smaller sites (less then a few thousand pages) have to worry about
  • Crawl rate
    • How many active connections Googlebot has to a site…
  • 134 more words
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2016: The year in paid search (A year of massive change!)

This year will be seen as a watershed moment for mobile, with nearly every change reflecting mobile’s now-dominant contribution to search.

Lets take a breather and look back on all of the changes in PPC that came flying at us in 2016. 1,344 more words

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Why you should budget for call tracking in 2017

With the current fiscal year widing down and budgeting for FY2017.We faced for annual task for tracking more effectiveness and justifying budgets. we have to invest in tools that help for tracking costs and boost revenue

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Three well-meaning paid search optimizations that might kill performance

That recent adjustment to your paid search campaign seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you’re seeing a drop in performance. How could this happen? 931 more words

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Are your paid search ads making the right impression?

Impression share may not be the ultimate measure of paid search success, but columnist Jacob Baadsgaard shows how tracking this metric can lead to paid search improvements that can really boost your bottom line. 1,025 more words

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Google to start showing local-specific phone numbers when location extensions appear in ads

Advertisers that depend on calls going to a central phone number for conversion tracking and other reasons will face a challenge as of January 19, 2017. 389 more words

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