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Google maps: Cat left truly terrified after huge shock – what has happened?

Google maps’ cameras were particularly terrifying for an unsuspecting black cat who was going about its morning stroll. The animal appeared perfectly content to take a walk in the sunshine. 25 more words


ICM513 - Module 1: From the Content Strategy Toolkit.

To kick off my newest grad school course (Content Strategy) our professor had us begin by reading the first five chapters of a book called The Content Strategy Toolkit written by author Meghan Casey. 1,204 more words


Through a Vanished Time

(Wiesbaden, 2018)

For the flâneur, a transformation takes place with respect to the street: it leads him through a vanished time.

The ambiguity of the arcades is an ambiguity of…

178 more words

Can we trust tech giants with our faces? Google, Amazon and Microsoft can't agree on how to protect us


“A top Google executive recently sent a shot across the bow of its competitors regarding face surveillance. Kent Walker, the company’s general counsel and senior vice president of global affairs, made it clear that Google — unlike Amazon and Microsoft — will not sell a face recognition product until the technology’s potential for abuse is addressed. 184 more words

France nears implementation of digital tax

France will push ahead with its own tax on large internet and technology companies by introducing a bill that would be retroactive to January 1, its finance minister said Sunday. 268 more words

Cool Gold Technology

The elaborate hardware shown above helps cool Google’s quantum computer colder than outer space. The gold-plated device is kept inside a refrigerated vacuum tube.

Quantum computing uses the movement of subatomic particles to process data in amounts that modern computers cannot handle. 359 more words


The EU "Link Tax" and "Upload Filter" - Continuing the Dictatorial Reach

If you have followed any of my previous articles concerning the European Union and the European Commission, you’re most assuredly aware of the organization’s ongoing quest for more power and revenue by creating laws and procedures that “punish” companies and conglomerates that have the effrontery to maximize revenue through legal, capitalist business practices. 598 more words