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'Googlenomics' predicts sharp rise in US unemployment

It is no secret that I am quite fascinated by the the idea that social media data might be very useful as early/leading indicators of macroeconomic variables. 493 more words

Grexit, Germany and Googlenomics

The talk of Greece leaving the euro area – Grexit – is back. Will Grexit actually happen? I don’t know, but I do know that more and more people worry that it will in fact happen. 180 more words

Euro Crisis

Free Fiction: Googlenomics

I’m an SF author. I come up with ideas. Ideas about the next technology, where things might go in the next few years and how it will change the world. 1,904 more words


Googlenomics and the popularity of Bitcoin

Lasse Birk Olesen’s guest post about Bitcoin inspired me to do a bit of Googlenomics. I simply had a look at searches in Google for ‘Bitcoin’ using Google Insight. 254 more words

George Selgin

Googlenomics and how LTRO might have ended the euro crisis

Market Monetarists like David Beckworth have long argued that the European crisis is not really a debt crisis or a fiscal crisis, but rather a nominal crisis. 228 more words

Euro Crisis

Use googlenomics to track NGDP

Anybody who has been working on a trading floor will know the adrenalin rush one will experience when one of the major sets of macroeconomic data is published – for example US nonfarm payroll numbers. 236 more words

MM Research Agenda

New economy, startups and lessons we should learn

Chris Anderson at Wired writes a great article on what future economy will be shaped after the big meltdown we occurred this year (full article at… 274 more words