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Edmonton becomes first major Canadian city to adopt Google Apps

Google already announced some big new enterprise partners adopting Google Apps this year, despite Microsoft launching its “Googlighting” smear campaign to promote its Office 365 alternative… 153 more words

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Googlighting, Assessing Value Of Impact

Last week Microsoft released this video attacking Google. The slightly risky look at Google Docs was equal parts humorous and aggressive, but it’s no surprise that some controversy would arise between these two companies. 702 more words

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Gmail Man - Better than MS´s actual one

The increasing discussion on Googlighting remembers me on Microsofts earlier – maybe counter-productive, maybe not – G-Mail man spot….. A kinda much more funny than Googlighting, I think….


Microsoft takes on Google in 'Moonlighting' spoof

Microsoft is taking on Google, challenging its cloud computing software in a remake of the classic Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd TV series, Moonlighting. 70 more words


Microsoft Takes Another Jab At Google

It would seem Google has Microsoft Scared!

After being outclassed by Google in the search, advertisement, email, browser, and smartphone/tablet markets, Microsoft is striking out to protect one of the biggest cash cows, Microsoft Office. 793 more words