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The Original Googol

Before Google there was Googol! The original googol is a very large number. Coined by the nine year old nephew of American mathematician, Edward Kasner back in 1938, the googol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes. 91 more words


Simplify a Radical with a Large Index and a Radicand with a Googol

This video explains how to simplify a radical expression with a large index and a radicand involving a googol.

III. Algebra Videos

Googol and Googolplex

This video defines a googol and a googoplex.


Special Numbers

Down the bottom of any page of my blog you will find a little section called “Thoughts on When”.  This is a milestone widget and when I logged on this morning it showed me a special number.  362 more words

Getting Ready

Small Wonder & the Sanctity of Language; Google it

Does anyone remember the 80’s show Small Wonder? It came out in 1985 and only lasted a few seasons, but I was obsessed with it when I was young. 2,440 more words

Ramblings & Reverie

May 1st - Googol

Googol – n: the figure 1 followed by by 100 zeros equal to 10 to the 100th power

Dr. Green leaned against the lectern. “For instance the word ‘Google’ originally comes from the two words ‘Go’ and ‘Ogle’. 96 more words

365 Words Challenge