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Hyperlexia Experience: BIG numbers for LITTLE kids

Is there anything cuter than hearing your preschooler read a really large number?

Hyperlexic children like my son often have an incredible interest in numbers ( 531 more words


The Odds of a Perfect Bracket

One of my favorite discussions with students is about big numbers.  These discussions help us to see how small we are, and how great our God must be.   174 more words

How Did Google Get Its Name? It Was Almost Called Backrub.

I was recently watching a new show called the “The Wall” which asks certain questions of contestants who are trying to make millions of dollars by answering them right. 273 more words

Alex Popovic

Better Than Google => Googolplexian

+i was disappointed when i did an image search at google and they couldn’t find a matching person. this got me thinking…what if we had a real-time search engine that is built on grounds of efficiency and reliability rather than performance and speed? 152 more words