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Google Chrome will have a new feature for MITM attacks

A new security feature will be added to Google Chrome that will recognize when third-party software is making man in the middle attack (MITM).

Google Chrome will display a new warning page, which means that the browser has detected known software on the computer or network that can perform a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. 82 more words

Scrambled Tofu and Biplanes

Soon the university and school terms begin in the Northern hemisphere, and that is the harbinger for shorter and colder days. The cat has already started spending her days sleeping inside the house, ideally on clean washing! 1,391 more words


Former Cancer Patient to Canoe Leeds and Liverpool Canal

A cancer sufferer on two separate occasions is canoeing from Liverpool to Goole to raise money for the support charity that helped him and his family. 430 more words

A Photo a Day in June ...... June 24th

Low tide on the River Ouse at Goole, East Yorkshire.

Goole is the UK’s  furthest inland port and is capable of handling nearly 3 million tonnes of cargo each year. 14 more words

A Photo a Day in June ...... June 23rd

Betty,  surveying her new domain from our bedroom window at my son’s house.  We don’t have any stairs at home, so she is fascinated by all the things that are now   29 more words

Bridlington to Bempton Cliffs

This journey began in Goole from where I took the early morning train straight to Bridlington; on the way I talked to a nice elderly gentleman, he took pictures of trains and had a friendly dog accompanying him. 343 more words


Google Training Ad Placement Computers to Be Offended

Over the years, Google trained computer systems to keep copyrighted content and pornography off its YouTube service. But after seeing ads from Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart appear next to racist, anti-Semitic or terrorist videos, its engineers realized their computer models had a blind spot: They did not understand context. 468 more words