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North London Derby yang tak terlupakan

Happiness is in the content of moment-to-moment experiences…

Kebahagiaan ada pada pengalaman saat ini, bukan pada benda yang dimiliki. Jadi bila Anda memiliki uang lebih (bonus, tabungan), memilih menghabiskannya untuk pengalaman daripada material menurut riset psikologĀ 

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My Gooner Storybook

Hi guys and gals.

Some of you reading this have been reading my dribblings for years now, for some, this is your first.

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Make Arsenal Football Club Great Again

Make Arsenal Football Club Great Again

Change comes from the bottom up, from the supporters and fans that bleed Arsenal, not from the top.

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One Iconic Celebration and a small tribute

These are times when you feel good to be alive.In those moments you see something that overwhelms you that defines the time of your life.I love the way when my father will share the times of golden age of Bollywood music comprising of all the legends and goes back to those times at their own insistence.They go back for moments, moments we cherished and will cherish forever. 593 more words



I suppose y’all have forgotten what he has done for Arsenal!

Not everyone can do this



From the two legs against Bayern, the only positive that I’ve found is him ! A great defender and a loyal Gunner