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An Introduction to Arsenal Chennai SC - Part I

Imagine how this might sound to a stranger –  Planning a trip to a country 3000 kms away, taking more than a week off from work and spending a ton of money to watch a couple of games of football. 1,240 more words


Aupair has left the building …

… the day before that however, K and I escorted the Smart One to his first Arsenal match at the Emirates – well the first he can remember, he went a couple of times whilst he was cooking! 124 more words


Lost & Found

A bullet on a chain. It had belonged to my brother, and shortly after switching schools I began wearing it as a talisman. I fancied that it could ward off evil spirits and provide me with confidence into the bargain. 494 more words


An Arsenal Fan

Pires plays a perfect pass over the defense. Henry at a ridiculous angle and there’s no time to take a touch.. I can bet, thousands of people in red and white, all over the world know if it’s Henry it’s possible. 558 more words


The Coq Block

Would we be here had there not been a Coquelin? Is he really the reason for our defensive stability? Or is it just a coincidence? 375 more words


Un-Parking the Bus

This is where we as a team fail!
Pass-Pass-Pass-Some more passing-Lose the ball-Win it again-Pass-Pass…. till the clock strikes 90!

How do we get the break against teams like Chelsea, Swansea and now even Sunderland! 370 more words


Keep Calm and Love Arsenal !!

It was 2003 here in India , when the cable TV broadcasters had decided to broadcast the English Premier League in India . I was in class 4th , when the addiction for football grew on me.   357 more words