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Wally Wonka

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Theo Walcott. How do you solve a problem like Walcott? How do you catch his speed and pin him down? How do you find a word that means Theo?  1,286 more words


Bobbi Pires Saved Our Season

Originally featured as a guest article on The Armchair Gooner

Every football club has those memories of glory which are dusted down and polished to aid recollection. 1,046 more words


Touchdown, Singapore !!!

A group of 10 avid Arsenal fans AKA Gooners had planned to travel from Chennai to Singapore and watch Arsenal in action during their Pre Season Tour. 1,109 more words


Arsenal | The Gunners | Emirates Stadium | Gooner(ette)

When I was a teenager, I used to be more addicted to football. I watched every match diligently and it was a big effort as it was always aired at night or like really early in the morning. 178 more words


An Introduction to Arsenal Chennai SC - Part I

Imagine how this might sound to a stranger –  Planning a trip to a country 3000 kms away, taking more than a week off from work and spending a ton of money to watch a couple of games of football. 1,240 more words


Aupair has left the building …

… the day before that however, K and I escorted the Smart One to his first Arsenal match at the Emirates – well the first he can remember, he went a couple of times whilst he was cooking! 124 more words


Lost & Found

A bullet on a chain. It had belonged to my brother, and shortly after switching schools I began wearing it as a talisman. I fancied that it could ward off evil spirits and provide me with confidence into the bargain. 494 more words