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We'll always have Madrid... Here's looking at you, Professeur

All things come to an end. All that is solid melts into air. We know this.

Yet, sometimes, the end is still shocking, sudden, and sad. 1,263 more words


How to be an Arsenal fan and not lose your ****ing mind - 10 steps

14 years. Half the duration of my existence on earth. It has been an era since I began supporting Arsenal FC and  the great Le Professeur Arsene Wenger. 467 more words

North London Derby yang tak terlupakan

Happiness is in the content of moment-to-moment experiences…

Kebahagiaan ada pada pengalaman saat ini, bukan pada benda yang dimiliki. Jadi bila Anda memiliki uang lebih (bonus, tabungan), memilih menghabiskannya untuk pengalaman daripada material menurut riset psikolog 

3,194 more words
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My Gooner Storybook

Hi guys and gals.

Some of you reading this have been reading my dribblings for years now, for some, this is your first.

Either way, I’m eternally grateful that you’ve chosen my site. 210 more words